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Love Potion Natural Beauty Face Mask Recipe

This mask can help your skin look soft and clear. It smells amazing and makes your skin feel great after you use it! It is made from strawberries, milk, and honey, three ingredients that are fantastic for your skin. Strawberries are known to brighten skin, reduce wrinkles, and fight off acne. Milk reduces redness, helps skin stay soft, and makes skin glow. Honey is extremely moisturizing, reduces inflammation, fights off toxins and helps reduce wrinkles.

Before applying any beauty mask, wash face with warm water to open pores and prepare skin to absorb skin-loving ingredients.


4 Strawberries, stem cut off and diced

4 Tbsp. cold milk

1 Tbsp. honey

In a small bowl, mash up diced strawberries. Add honey and mix with strawberries. Add milk, and mash for 2-3 minutes until combined. Apply to face and let sit for 5 minutes. Remove with warm water and pat dry. Store leftover in fridge for 2-4 days.


Krista Hannesen

Editor in Chief - A Beautiful Life Magazine

Producer, A Beautiful Life Podcast

Instagram: @kristahannesen

*This article is for entertainment purposes only. Please consult your dermatologist before use.

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