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Laughter Yoga Leader Training 2 Day Online

Get deep into the laughter. Become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and join the community. Help spread joy in laughter clubs, schools, businesses, healthcare/senior care centers, home and in the workplace.

This will be the most fun training you will ever attend.

  • Learn a repertoire of Laughter Yoga techniques you can use in personal and professional life.

  • Find out how to set up and lead your own Laughter Club.

  • Learn the history behind the Laughter Yoga movement.

  • Discover the physical, mental, emotional and societal benefits Laughter Yoga offers.

  • Learn how laughter relieves stress and builds physical & emotional resilience.

Training Includes:

  • Official Laughter Yoga International University Training Manual

  • Laughter Leader Certification

  • 6-month free access to Official Laughter Yoga Prozone-Continued Education site

  • Dr. Kataria's e-book (founder of Laughter Yoga - est. 1995)

  • 30 minutes post training coaching

This course is ideal for individuals looking to bring more laughter into their lives and the lives of others. The course is also suitable for individuals, groups and businesses looking to boost organizational cohesiveness and moral.

Your Trainers: Sylvie Dagenais-Douville: Master Laughter Yoga Trainer Cathy Nesbitt: Laughter Yoga Teacher, Ambassador


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