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I See Your Magic and I Empower You

Leann Wolff - Founder of Power of Self

My passion for coaching and mentoring can be traced back to my pre-professional days. Whether I was helping a fellow student or a fellow co-worker, I have been supporting others by sharing best practices and encouraging them to dream big.

My specialty? I see your magic and I empower you to align to that magic so you can own and operate a service business that fulfills you and your clients.

Outside the office, my husband and I own and operate a cattle ranch. Our cows, dog and cats are all raised with love, proper nutrition and a sense of calm.

I bring this same energy to my clients so that they can manifest a life that is in alignment with their core energy.

Manifesting wealth, health, time and relationships is an inside job and I support my clients by showing them the ‘mechanics’ of these particular components so they can see that they can create a reality that is honouring who they are!

Connect with me on LinkedIn, and Instagram or Check out my [not-so humble brag] YouTube Channel with a library of over 300 videos. Or jump directly to my website

As a Human Design Professional, BG5 Business and Career Consultant and Profit Potential Coach with 25+ years of experience, my mission is to help everyone break free from the industry norms so they can create from their own intrinsic power of self.

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