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How Trauma Affects You

Unfortunately, here on Earth, many humans suffer trauma due to experiences in their human life. Let's 1st talk about what trauma means in an easy-to-understand definition. First of all, trauma is very different for each individual therefore, what might be traumatic to me is not traumatizing to you. Besides, who are we to judge correct, yes correct. Trauma occurs when your adrenaline drastically increases and you go into fight or flight mode or panic mode or in an extremely fearful mode. Our body and mind get beyond stress and says I can't handle this and shuts down. There are different levels of trauma to keep in mind.

So you can see that it deals with the emotions of fear, desperation, shock, and so on you get the idea. So because we are dealing with these harsh emotions our body & mind shut down and bury the trauma in our body, soulfully and mentally. This is why it is very individualized to say whether a person has been in trauma or not our emotions are our own nobody else's.

As I always say to people you cannot tell a person how they should be feeling or not feeling. Trauma affects us physically mentally and soulfully. As I mentioned earlier it buries in our body physically.

Mentally it changes our reactions in life. How we cope in life, how we manage stress, how we deal with people, our relationships, and our trust. The list goes on. Finally, soulfully it takes away our true self identity that the creator meant us to be. Who we truly are our individualized personality.

So, trauma stays in our bodies and minds and souls.

Needless to say it is trapped in each of these components and affects us in hundreds of ways negatively.

Even in daily activities like headaches or those aches and pains in your body that you think are old age or past injuries but really are from trauma.

Things like headaches you tell the doctor you've had them for years. Think back to when they started. You may realize that it is related to the situation that caused the trauma. The longer you hold in the trauma the worse the symptoms get and can become serious like mental illness depression anxiety; anxiety can lead to heart attacks. So, as you can see it is extremely important to release these past traumas out of your body, mind and soul. Besides, who doesn't want to feel better and happier right?

Physically trauma can look like


-poor eyesight

-sinus problems,

-chest pains

- acid reflex

-stomach problems

-bowel problems and so much more

Mindfully, Trauma looks like



-panic attacks

-lack of trust

-relationship issues

-lack of confidence

-problems in loving yourself and others

-problems with making decisions & much more!

Trauma affects us more mentally than physically and soulfully.

Soulfully trauma is different, the biggest thing is not living our true selves! If you're not living as who you truly are you are not truthfully happy in your journey on earth. We are put here on earth to have a human experience to be able to learn to be kind, spread love, peacefulness and be loved. To be able to do this you must love yourself first to be able to love others and to care for others.

This is not possible without releasing negative experiences in your life and trauma.

This is a very short article on trauma it is a very in-depth topic, this is just a small introduction to this topic. I just wanted to write this because as I have had trauma in my life that I've had to work on releasing and some that I still work on.

There are many ways to help deal with this. Of course my suggestion is spiritually healing reiki, singing bowls, crystals, tuning forks, readings and other energy healing techniques.

Of course, there is always medical ways counseling hypnosis which can be a spiritual way and cognitive behavior therapy and more. My overall point of this article is to get help to release these traumas to cope with these traumas however you want to but get the help!

I have techniques that I can help in these areas. I am a reiki master and teacher; I use singing bowls to clear out the negative energy that is blocked.

I use tuning forks to pull out from where your trauma us in your body.

I do psychic readings which I can dig into your past present and future to figure out what the trauma is where it came from and how to deal with it.

I do mediumship readings and passed loved ones in your life come through to help heal you with messages.

Soulfully I can help you with self love confidence and thus helps to forgive and move on this helps with releasing negatively and trauma.

I help to learn how to journal and not fear it to release stuff in your life and journal about good positive things. I teach you how to meditate to clear the mind and receive your messages from your intuitiveness.

If interested contact me.

If you have questions pm or email me, I'm here to help. If I can't help you, I can redirect you to others who can.

Love and light Marybeth

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