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Honey, I Wish I Could!

When erectile dysfunction, low libido and inability to perform are an issue in a relationship, both people suffer.

When erectile dysfunction, low libido and inability to perform are an issue in a relationship, both people suffer. Erectile dysfunction affects 50% of men over 50.

The main cause is poor circulation of blood which is in turn can be caused by hardening of the arteries and poor circulation. The loss of libido in women can have many of the same causes.

Arteries harden because cholesterol (nature’s band -aid for inflamed artery linings) has been deposited on the artery walls and made them inflexible. Also the rate of blood flow through the body is slowed by factors like lack of movement, poor diet, low hydration and poor lymph flow (Think of our lymph system as our “sewer” and the Nodes as our “septic tanks”.

Low thyroid function can affect both libido and performance. When your thyroid is low in iodine, it may become sluggish. You may need to supplement this mineral but also avoid Chlorine and Fluoride which is in our tap water, and Bromine which is found in all our commercial baked goods made from flour.

Another hidden cause of erectile dysfunction can be a root canal infected tooth or metal crown on the meridian of the reproductive organs. For instance many hockey players have injured their front teeth and the nerve had to be removed and a root canal performed. Then usually there is a crown (cap) used to restore the tooth. Any infection, metal crown or root canal can block the meridian and affect your love life.

Our wireless world and personal devices emit radiation continually -frying our organs. These affect us much more than we want to know. If you want to educate yourself, look at info such as the 5G summit.

So if ED is affecting your relationship what can be done?

Get rid of any infections. You may need to search out hidden ones such as infected gums, root canals, ingrown toe nails, sinus infections. A microscopic test can reveal these readily.

But treating them with antibiotics is not advisable, since antibiotics kill off the good bacteria in the gut (the gut biome) and cause digestive and absorption issues for life. Therapies like Vitamin C, Hydrogen peroxide and Ozoneare tremendously helpful in ridding the body of infections.

Check with a holistic dentist whether you have any infections or root canals on your front teeth. If you do, seek out a Cavitat Scan or a Cone Beam x-ray to see if they are infected, (though even not infected they are “dead teeth” that do block the energy in the acupuncture meridians going through them).

In my clinic, detoxing the body of factors that irritate the blood vessels would be one of my first suggestions. That may mean cleansing bowels, kidneys liver of backlogs, moulds, heavy metals (in proper order). The Ozone sauna is a treatment that fast tracks the process in our office.

Cleaning out the blood vessels with a good diet and supplements that help the body produce Nitric oxide such as Cardio 4 Life.

Cleaning out the prostate. Women detox monthly with their menses. Men do not have that “luxury.”

Getting the circulation back into the small arteries and arterioles of the body with exercise, clean diet, lymph drainage, adequate hydration and treatments such as Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Mats.

Throw away your microwave oven. They all leak radiation, but also microwaved food is toxic. The DNA in the food or water being heated has been damaged, making it toxic.

Keep all electronics out of your bedroom, out of your pockets and away from your head.

Use EMF protection such as Shungite, shielding films and fabrics and turn your Wi-Fi off at night or hard wire your electronics.

Unfortunately medicine can only offer devices, cholesterol lowering drugs (which themselves cause severe side effects) and Viagra. That is to treat symptoms but does not address the cause.

If you need guidance in any of these seek out an integrative wellness professional that can address the cause and not keep throwing wrappers at the symptoms.

Wishing you Love and Romance!!!


Dr. Oksana Sawiak


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