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Happy Nurses' Week

In lieu of Nurses' Week May 8-14th 2023 I would like to offer all nurses a chance to experience a session with me for 50% off any reflexology, biofeedback or raindrop massage technique session. If you are not familiar with the above modality to continue to read further to enhance your awareness. The biofeedback sessions are 90 minutes in duration while the other two are 60 minute sessions.

Biofeedback is a gentle, non-invasive energetic technique that helps locate stressors in the body and balance organs, systems and hormones. My mission is for you to better manage controllable aspects of your health in a manner that is complementary to standard medical programs. It focuses on brain wave relaxation, muscle re-education, pain and stress management. Your first session comes with a 36 page report of a person's baseline.

Reflexology is great for total relaxation and kick starting the organs to function better. I scan the person's body with my hands, check the 7 main chakras and perform some Healing Touch modalities. I check the person's imbalances for that day using a mini biofeedback scan with an iTOVi device that lets me know what Young Living essential oils resonate with the client at this particular time. I then incorporate a few of the oils into the session for a deeper, more relaxed therapy.

Raindrop Technique is amazing for helping your body detoxify, relax muscles, reduce inflammation, release negative emotions and balance the energies in the body. I start with applying Young Living essential oils to the feet then move to the back and use a mixture of light stroking called effleurage along with a massage method here. We end with a hot wet compress to the back and follow with a gentle lymphatic drainage technique.

Connect with me to check on times and prices at or


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