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Grey is Here to Stay!

Covid has caused us to adapt to some interesting hairstyles. Without a salon to go to, many people have had to figure out how to cut, colour, and style their own hair.

And, anyone who has been covering up your greys for years, needing to get it done every couple of weeks to stop re-growth, had to figure out how they were going to get the salon look at home… or not.

Because most of us were stuck at home in the beginning days of this pandemic, it created a unique scenario where people were not seen by others outside their household.. and not judged by societal standards. Staying home was – is - like a reset, and it has given people, especially women, the opportunity to go dye-free and realize that it's actually really great.

See, men can start greying at 30, women at 35, and some people start in their 20s. That means, for some, you’re trying to cover up your greys for decades! Through this pandemic, and being 'forced' to let your hair grow out, many have realized that they don’t want to put themselves-or their hair through that.

One of the biggest reasons why letting your silver or grey colour grow out is because of toxins. When you colour your hair a lot, especially if you're dyeing your whole head and the colour is touching your scalp, you are putting chemicals in your skin. The chemicals can seep into your skin and cause health problems. So ditching the dye helps your body get a break of these toxins being on your skin or breathed in and possibly causing lung issues.

The other reason why going grey is so great is because when you do, you’re saying that you’re comfortable in your skin. A lot of times, people, especially women, are pressured to dye their hair certain colours to keep up with beauty standards. Well, many women are saying that it’s time we create our own standards, and say that we are beautiful with whatever hair we got.

If Covid has taught us anything, it’s that we gotta embrace ourselves and love ourselves the way God made us. The picture above is of Jane Fonda in a fantastic movie – Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding. When I saw this moved, I really loved how Fonda’s character embraced life to the fullest, including her lovely hair. Fonda has also gone real in-real-life as well, and it looks amazing. Logan Lerman (pictured above) also went silver recently, shocking and impressing fans by rocking his amazing hair.

The most important thing is to just do you. Whether you want to dye your hair bright red or let go natural, rock it, and enjoy just being your amazing self.


Krista Hannesen Editor in Chief - A Beautiful Life Magazine Head of Production, A Beautiful Life Publishing Producer, A Beautiful Life Podcast

Photo: Natasha Brazil

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