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Get off the hamster wheel & start enjoying life today!

Sometimes we get so busy creating the lives that we want to live, that we forget to appreciate what we already have, right now!

Does that ever happen to you? I am no stranger to this phenomenon. I get sucked into work and doing doing doing. I long for the days when xyz has already happened (like my “full time” coaching business is running full steam ahead and I'm doing much less carpentry work), that I just forget to stop and look around.

Funny thing is, many of the aspects that I am longing for, I actually already have!

In life it’s often about “feeling states”. I want to feel free, do things on my own time, not answer to bosses, not work 40+ hours a week, spend quality time with my family, always keep learning and move beyond my comfort zone….

Let’s see what I have already created:

  • I am my own boss (x2)

  • I make my own hours

  • If I don’t want to work on a day that’s pouring rain, I don’t have to (that's handy on a carpentry day)

  • The more involved carpentry projects I take on are wildly out of my comfort zone

  • Everything I do in my coaching & carpentry businesses is a huge learning curve

  • I get to spend lots of time with my little family

  • I don’t have to wake up to a 5am alarm every day

Do you see what I mean? I may not be living my dream life quite yet, but hot diggity, it is so much more enjoyable than what I lived a few years ago!

Check your life: What do you already have in some way that you really want in your dream life? How do you want to feel everyday? What small changes could you make to increase that list?

When we run on the hamster wheel and only live for the future, we forget to actually live. One day we’ll all be really old and ready to die (hopefully on our own terms). My hope and wish for all of us is that we can look back on our lives and really mean it when we say: I lived my life. I really lived it. All the joys and sorrows, exciting and sad parts. I experienced them all.

With love and gratitude for the present, and excitement for the future!


Jani is a certified ICF & Martha Beck Life Coach, and offers a free 60 min discovery session for anyone who would like to give coaching a try & ready to create their best life.

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