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Free Radicals - An Endless Story

We come across them very often if we want to deal with human health comprehensively. Thank you Milan Vidlák for the beautiful elaboration of the given topic.

The increasing amount of free radicals caused by wireless radiation and other electrosmogs, as well as other pollutants, causes great health problems for many people. Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself from the worst.

It is not entirely easy to connect with Milka Nisslmüller, who is in one round and is constantly commuting between Vienna and the United Arab Emirates. In Dubai, as in Austria, it spreads the glory of Somavedica, a unique Czech device for neutralizing electrosmog and geopathogenic zones, which amazes people across social classes and continents with its capabilities. Milka Nisslmüller has been interested in human health all her life. A native of Bratislava, who left Czechoslovakia after studying economics and settled in Vienna, she received a broad medical education during her career - in alternative medicine at the English Academy of Human Sciences or the Austrian Institute of Holistic Medicine Dr. Steiner, and also studied at the American Academy of Sciences.

Anti-Aging Medicine, where she is still an active member. He is tirelessly looking for ways to prevent the accelerated processes of aging and diseases that arise as a result of the negative influences of modern technology and civilization. Two years ago, during a holiday in the Austrian Alps, she went for a massage, where she noticed a strangely glowing "green ball". She asked the masseur to turn off the strange light, that it would disturb her at rest. But he fought back furiously. "Stefan insisted he wouldn't turn it off, because the green ball was doing me good. We argued like this for about a week. After a week, however, the ball did not disturb me, on the contrary. I bought it at the earliest opportunity, "recalls Milka Nisslmüller of July 2018, who not only stepped forward her own life, but also fundamentally influenced the further steps of Lovosice inventor Ivan Rybjansky, who created the first Somavedic in his workshop nine years ago.

The glass device in the shape of a spaceship, which consists of semi-precious stones and precious metals in the shape of a pyramid, encapsulated in glass, is based on the principle of controlled release of their energy, which favorably affects the environment. Each mineral "vibrates" at a certain frequency, and sends it to the surroundings. By arranging the semi-precious stones so that their effects are mutually reinforcing, Somavedic can harmonize the surrounding environment within a radius of 30 meters, no matter how many and what obstacles stand in his way. But that's not all. As it begins to show slowly but surely, Somavedic is so sophisticated that it is significantly ahead of its time. Even Ivan Rybjanský, who at first did not even realize in full what he was able to create, only recently fully realized this. It is one thing to produce something that works and to understand the whole principle and potential. This is also due to Milka Nisslmüller, who bought Somavedic Medic Uran, the strongest model at the time - one for herself, the other for her daughter and the third for her son. "It simply came to my notice then. At home, the atmosphere in the apartment changed completely and my partner, who woke up four times a night, suddenly slept like a baby.

On the other hand, my son is a completely technical person and he convinced me that he didn't need anything like that, so I told him to let it shine like a design into an apartment, "says Milka energetically; after all, he can't even do it otherwise. After a while, however, the son called to keep the device, because he can concentrate for up to twelve hours at a time. The granddaughters stopped suffering from frequent viruses from the kindergarten, and when Milka took the device to a coaching group composed mostly of Ajťák people, who had been peeking at the computer for days, she found that they were suddenly more focused and accessible. That's why she didn't wait for anything and from Vienna she went straight to Lovosice to figure out how something like that was possible.

After a long conversation with Ivan Rybjanský, she found out everything she needed and decided to get such a thing among people not only in Austria, but also in Dubai, where she worked and lived for several years. Based on the Lovosice meeting, Somavedic Austria and Somavedic Emirates were established. But she wondered how she would actually do it, because it could be difficult for Arabs, and especially "health-conservative" Austrians, to accept something like that. Unlike, for example, the Czechs, who are open and inclined to alternative things. "Even though I am a hard man and this device works on the basis of frequencies, I knew that I had to give it a clear and substantiated basis for the Austrian and Arab markets." After much research and consultation with scientists and doctors, Milka Nisslmüller, who knew that must catch something solid, it occurred to perform a test for the presence of so-called free radicals in the urine. And that turned out to be key. Free radicals are the "plague" of modern times. And this despite the fact that they have been with us since Adam and Eve first breathed in the air. They arise in the body both in a natural way as part of metabolism and as a result of external environmental influences. And they are created by both sunlight and harmful substances from the environment - drugs, chemistry, geopathogenic zones of the Earth and especially electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers and other modern technology, which is constantly increasing.

Under normal circumstances, each molecule - whether the cells in our body or the molecules of the air we breathe - contains one nucleus, which always orbits in pairs of negatively charged particles called electrons. However, electromagnetic radiation causes the affected molecule - such as air - to lose one electron and it is no longer in pairs. The molecule damaged in this way then tries with all its might to capture the lost electron from the secondary molecule, which is still in order. Because a molecule lacks one electron, it becomes a free radical. Free because she lacks an electron, a radical because she's trying to steal it somewhere. When we breathe air, which contains free radicals caused to a large extent by electrosmog, a chain reaction occurs in our body, which damages our cells. It's called oxidation. The behavior of free radicals is as toxic as if a man had left his wife, and he had gone looking for a new wife for a neighbor. In a moment, the whole house would be upside down. In the kitchen, for example, it looks like if you leave a peeled banana on the table, it will turn black in a moment due to free radicals. Although Adam and Eve also "oxidized" and oxidized their successors, this was not a particular problem until the 18th century. The immune system normally prevents free radicals. For example, using a tripeptide called glutathione, which is produced by our body and which contains a large number of negative electrons. As a result, the body can easily repair the trigger caused by uninvited visitors. But as the saying goes, everything is very damaging.

The supply of free radicals to the body increased sharply in the 18th century, when the Industrial Revolution began. One hundred years later, another source of free radicals became electricity and increased electromagnetic radiation, which certainly did not contribute to the stability of oxygen molecules. Not to mention the polluted environment. And another misfortune was struck in 1983, with the first cell phone launched without anyone investigating its harmful effects, and the "radical" revolution continued in 2007, when the iPhone began to be sold. Since we have "smart" phones full of 2G, 3G, 4G and most recently 5G data, we communicate with waves not only with each other, but also with individual transmitters and antennas. This strong radiation breaks the oxygen molecules even harder, which then ravages like a black hand. We're just under fire.

As electromagnetic radiation increases exponentially, so does the number of diseases of civilization and other health problems. Because it's a huge business, scientists and politicians pretend not to see it, arguing that radiation from mobile phones and Wi-Fi devices doesn't exceed standards. They just always forget to say that these standards are constantly increasing with increasing radiation so that it always "passes". Another popular excuse for angry politicians, scientists and officials is the argument that wireless radiation is not harmful. However, this is because the standards are based mainly on thermal effects. Therefore, if your ear does not burn or your brain boils or you otherwise "do not warm up" significantly, this type of radiation is considered harmless.

In the first twenty years alone, the level of electromagnetic radiation was up to thirty times higher, five years ago the level had risen 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times (this number corresponds to one billiard table). Assuming you're not on the phone right away - in that case, the surrounding radiation is even stronger. An international team of researchers published a work called the BioInitiative Report in 2007, in which they provided clear evidence that electromagnetic infestation causes immune disorders or affects behavior and melatonin production - which can lead to Alzheimer's disease and breast cancer. Radiation is further accompanied by damage at the gene level, and has even been linked to leukemia in children. Other studies report the possibility of chronic stress, a change in enzymes and metabolism, increased cell growth and production of stress proteins, or impaired memory and brain function. In 2012, a well-known study conducted at the Swedish University Hospital in Örebro was published, according to which ten years of mobile phone use resulted in an average 290% higher risk of developing a brain tumor; whereas the tumor develops - logically - on the side of the head where the cell phone is most used. With each new generation of wireless data transmission, from 2G and 3G through 4G to the latest 5G, the number of free radicals in our environment and surroundings is growing exponentially. And the more free radicals our body bombs, the greater the burden on the immune system.

In addition, the use of so-called "smart meters" has become more widespread in recent years. They are a kind of intelligent computers of electric current or sophisticated digital electricity meters. In the Czech Republic, this technology is still being tested, but elsewhere it is already in full swing. The task of these smart meters is to communicate with a radio modem with every appliance in the household and data center. Not only does this produce more unnecessary electrosmog, but also total espionage.

"The body should detoxify, regenerate and produce hormones at night. But when it is full of free radicals because the cell phone is turned on, wi-fi… Women have premature menopause and men andropause; such people are full of surgeries and need 40 years, ”says Milka Nisslmüller, who wondered why Somavedic devices have such positive harmonizing effects. So it occurred to her to test whether the presence of Somavedic had a significant effect on the amount of free radicals. When the body does not have to resist free radical attacks at night, it can regenerate and produce the hormones necessary for life.

Throughout the development of Somavedic, Ivan Rybjanský often had to refute the misconceptions of people who believe that the device has the effect of "disturbing" the electrosmog or geopathogenic zones. But that, of course, is nonsense. If that were the case, you wouldn't turn on your computer or phone at home. Somavedic does not "turn off" electrosmog, but eliminates its harmful effects at the cellular level. It is now possible to describe more clearly the principle by which it can do this. It's pretty "clean and natural". The waste product of unsaturated fatty acids is the so-called malondialdehyde, which is formed when these acids oxidize due to free radicals.

It is precisely on its presence in the urine that the Freie-Radikale-Check test strips are based on the idea of ​​using Milka Nisslmüller, which can measure the so-called oxidative stress caused by the presence of free radicals in the body. When it turned out that Somavedic really can reduce oxidative stress to a minimum, Ivan Rybjanský set out to find out the mechanism by which the device causes it. As various measurements soon revealed, Somavedic does something similar to seawater - it creates particles that carry an electric charge, specifically so-called negative ions, which is great news. While a neutral atom has the same number of protons and electrons, negatively charged particles contain one or more other negatively charged electrons. What does it mean? That they can elegantly combine with free radicals in the body and the environment, which they do in the case of Somavedic. The huge advantage of Somavedic is that it works on a clean basis, as it is built on the principle of controlled release of energy of precious stones.

But why do healing stones in a specific mutual correlation emit negative ions, similar to salt water in the sea? "On the surface of some stones there are so-called fullerenes, molecules formed by carbon atoms arranged in a layer of five and hexagons with atoms in the vertices. The stones, with their surface tension, create these fullerenes, and subsequently negative ions are released, "Ivan Rybjanský explains this principle. Somavedic is designed so that the healing energy and the negative ions with it are released from the stones gradually and permanently, and their effects are mutually reinforcing. "I would compare it to the example of magnets. When you put one magnet, it creates a field around you. Ten magnets create a stronger field. Likewise, one stone has an array, but twenty stones associated with various precious metals are many times stronger in generating negative ions. ”This can also be easily verified using a high-quality ion density meter, such as the reliable American instrument from AlphaLab.

According to Ivan Rybjanský, by being able to generate a huge amount of negative ions, Somavedic is also able to harmonize not only the environment and the human body, to which it sweeps the path of free radicals, but also other "dimensions" of our personality. "There is an energy field around the physical body that could be called another body. Each of our organs works at a certain frequency, each cell. The third level is the mental field, which includes all the experiences we have experienced from birth to the present day, our memories. Although they are unsorted and we don't remember everything, they are stored in the brain, "explains the man who, after twenty years ago, when doctors gave him several weeks of life, was given a second chance and completely changed his way of thinking and approach to himself and human health. Today, he is happy that he can repay this kindness several times with his work - by helping people from the Czech Republic through Slovakia, Germany and Austria to the United States, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Japan to live a better and more harmonious life. But Somavedic's capabilities go even further, to the quantum level. "The fourth level is the so-called quantum field, where all other information is stored, for example about our ancestors. I would compare it to a computer - what does not fit on the hard drive (in the brain), we have to store externally, from where it is possible to download information at any time ‘. That quantum field is stored, so to speak, on the cloud ‘.

The fifth level or dimension connects us with something that transcends us. A force that some call the ether, some God, others the unconditional love or energy of the Source. We exist on all these five levels. The frequencies of our surroundings, especially those based on modern technology, such as mobile phones, Wi-Fi, baby monitors, microwaves or telecommunication radio towers, disrupt and affect the flow of energy information in our body. However, Somavedic harmonizes all these frequencies and neutralizes external harmful influences that could unnecessarily damage this connection.

The device can tell us the way, but the rest of the work is up to us.

The way we do it, the way we have it.


copywritten with permission by Veronika Gold

En-JOY YOURself Evolution

Veronika Gold


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