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Finding You - Meet the Authors

Finding You features a group of talented authors - sharing their expertise to help you on your journey to A Beautiful Life!

The latest title from A Beautiful Life Books - Finding You: Release Who You Think You Should Be & Celebrate the Real You!

This anthology, featuring experts in the mind, body and spirit industry, will inspire you to live authentically, release limiting beliefs, and become the person you were always meant to be.

Meet the amazing co-authors!

Heather Warren

Personal Growth Mentor

Lorien Masters

Life Coach & Counselor

Mary Beth Bezzina

Tranformational Coach

Dr. Helen Pearman Ziral

Human Relations Communication Specialist and Wellness Coach

Tara Myshrall

Transformational Coach

Patricia Berendsen Trauma Counselor

Ronnie Swais

Co-Founder, A Beautiful Life Magazine and Books

Krista Hannesen

Co-Founder, A Beautiful Life Magazine and Books

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