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🕯️ Find Your True Self with Farrah Heals

💆‍♀️ Farrah is currently an Educator, Intuitive Reiki Practitioner, Angel Intuitive and the founder of Kisses From Heaven, a spiritual and wellness business. Farrah’s philosophy is that our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies must be in alignment in order to find your true self. Her optimistic outlook and unwavering commitment to empowering people is felt in a session with her. She does this by honouring your soul journey, breaking through your fears, limiting negative beliefs and healing personal traumas. She has helped numerous clients of all genders break through their personal struggles, helping them reclaim their personal power and inner peace. (this part is what a session looks like with me)

🕯️ Farrah found solace from the adversity she faced by applying alternative medicine and holistic healing. Through her own healing journey, she discovered the pleasure and fulfillment of helping others, leading her to become a Reiki Master. “I recognized that I had a purpose and that was to help others through their pain by teaching them the tools that I used to help me overcome it.” Farrah founded Kisses From Heaven in 2018 to provide Reiki experiences that are accessible to all by creating Reiki and Crystal-infused handmade organic soaps and 100% soy candles. Each of which is infused with Reiki and Crystal Healing properties. All our products are toxin, SLS, parabens and phthalates-free. We work with trusted Artisans to provide metaphysical Reiki-infused products including natural mists such as the Reiki Mist. Our hope is that you enjoy the start to a tranquil life as you heal and become the best version of yourself through the power of Reiki. 



Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique to naturally relax and heal one’s mind, body, emotions and overall wellness. It reduces stress without using pressure, manipulation or massage to help one relax.  The warm and soothing energy from our practitioner's hands flows into the client, releasing tension and blockages residing in their aura and chakras. As Reiki is performed, intuitive guidance is communicated to the client to continue finding balance and healing, well after a session has ended.

All sessions begin with a chakra assessment and cleansing of the aura.  We end the session by grounding your energies, re-assessing one’s chakra and providing a free oracle reading.

Each client will also receive a take-home package to continue reaping the benefits of Reiki.

Sessions can be done either in-person or remotely.

In-person Session- $120.00 per hour

Remote Session- $90.00 per hour

Special offer for new clients: $15.00 off your first in-person session.

Angel Guidance

An Angel Guidance and Healing session provides a safe space to discuss client’s concerns, obstacles and challenges they might be facing in their life.  By intuitively connecting with the Angelic Realms, our practitioners will help to provide clients with clarity on their current situations, recognize and clear blockages, and give spiritual direction. During a session, various spiritual tools, tips and advice will be shared with the client to assist with further healing. At the end of the session, we will also provide chakra balancing.  After a session, our clients will leave feeling more confident, lighter, happier, hopeful and with a sense of contentment.

Sessions can be done in-person or remotely $40.00 for a 30-minute session.

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