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Entrepreneur's Journey - Finding My Way To Today

The journey of an entrepreneur is so important. For some, each step is carefully calculated to get them to where they want to go. For others, they don’t even realize they are building an empire, as they go through many changes and many hardships. Eventually, they realize they have reached the path they wish to take. Moving forward they take the good days and the bad, understanding the bad days were actually wins and by no means failures. Learning curves to get them to the next steps to take to have their own business. One that not only brings them joy but also to everyone who connects with that business or service.

Have I arrived at where I want to be? No, because then I would stop living and well, life would be boring. Businesses keep growing and changing and we as the owners have to adapt. There is much to learn. Did I ever think I would be an entrepreneur? Never crossed my mind when I was working in the typical corporate world, working long hours, getting up at six in the morning to get my kid to daycare. Then fighting the hour traffic to get to work on time. We all think, there has to be a better way to improve life. But the difference is making the switch, taking a leap of faith, which I was always too afraid to do. However, the universe helped me along by guiding my past to get me to find my way to today.

We live our lives only to realize one day that everything we did in the past prepared us for the moment we realize we are exactly where we were meant to be. I know you may hear that a lot, but it rings so true for me.

Ever since I can remember I was always wanting to see the world as a happy place. Of course, I didn’t understand then that some paths were more difficult than others. Nor that it could take some people longer to get to where they wanted to go in life and sometimes live many different chapters.

As a little kid, I never really fit in with my family and that should have been the first clue that I was going to always do things differently. My family came to Canada when I was just a little one and as most European families back then, many retained the ‘old ways’ of doing things. I was expected to learn how to be a good housewife and told often being scholarly would not serve me, since I would not need that knowledge to raise my family. So, I learned what they wanted me to and become the proper young lady, and shhh, I even managed to be a little tomboyish.

But I knew there was more I could offer to society. At work, I had a chair in my cubicle, which I secretly called ‘God’s Chair’ and many co-workers would come and sit down, letting go of life’s stresses. I would listen and offer suggestions. It was important to me that people would leave feeling better than they did when they first came to me. At least that was my goal.

Leaving one life behind I put myself through school, studying Communications and loved everything I was learning. Always the gabber, I accelerated in my public speaking classes. I learned how to write and work in different media positions, like Radio and Television. What I loved most was my people contact and finding a story within a story then, writing about it. It was those touchy, feely stories I loved most that really meant something deep. But several years later, I met my now ex-husband and that’s when things got interesting. Ah, the universe always knows how to re-direct you.

I found out years after marriage that he was Bipolar and I became his caregiver. I would hide medications when he’d get suicidal and try to find him the help I knew he needed. It was an interesting time. I didn’t realize then, but my life with him would carve my path to today. Where he was getting help for his symptoms, I was not and the stresses from that time crept up on me years later.

What kept me sane, was my writing. Having dreamed an idea for a children’s book years before, ‘Ghost Detective The Magic Ruby’, I began trying to write it out. But life took me away from that project time and time again. I learned other ways to cope with my ex-husband’s situation until my young child and I had no choice, but to watch the man I loved from afar. He had become dangerous to be around.

Never would I imagine that life would prepare me for another caregiving role years later with one of my parents. But I had suffered my own health issues by then and it was a challenge to care for myself, let alone a parent who needed a lot of care. The stress continued to add up and I had to adapt to my environment again.

As caregivers, we often forget to look after ourselves and my experiences have allowed me to better help others cope with caring for themselves as well as their loved ones. Whether you are caring for someone with a mental health issue or other, caregiving is caregiving and the stresses build up if you don’t learn how to cope. My book ‘Bipolar Love Caring For The Caregiver 8 Simple Steps’ is my most recent book that discusses things you can do to help you through your days.

Because of my love for writing, I also offer different writing services such as Creative Writing, Ghostwriting, Biographies and more. I get so much gratification out of both services I offer because I know I have helped someone in some way.

Live life through everything you are experiencing. Don’t wait for that day, when this or that happens before you take action. Just do what makes you happy and enjoy all life has to offer. The good and the bad, because we sometimes don’t know where we are headed until we find our way.

SR John Writer Author Life Coach Columnist

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SR John is a Writer, Author and Life Coach. She offers various Writing services as well as Life Coaching services, dealing with caregivers looking after their loved ones. As a caregiver herself to both a spouse who was diagnosed with Bipolar and then to a parent, she understands the importance of self-care when it comes to looking after ourselves during difficult times. She is the author of Bipolar Love Caring For The Caregiver 8 Simple Steps To Self-Care, a book for caregivers, as well as a children’s fiction book, ‘Ghost Detective The Magic Ruby. You can check out her books on or visit her site at Her email address is also listed below.

Life Coach - Coaching the Caregiver, Supporting those that care for loved ones

Books: Bipolar Love Caring For The Caregiver 8 Simple Steps To Self-Care (non-fiction)

Ghost Detective The Magic Ruby (fiction)

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