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Thanks for Joining!

Enjoy an Hour of Me Time with Guidance, Meditation and Healing

This is for the ladies...

If you feel you need to Take Time Out Just for You...

Some time to Feel Calmer, Balanced and Connected

Come Join us live on Zoom for an Insightful, Uplifting and Deeply Relaxing Experience.

With the ZenJen Monthly Soul Circle Sessions, it's going to be Magical!

Live on Zoom...

Enjoy an hour of Relaxation, with Guidance, Healing and Meditation.

I will share interesting and insightful perspective on all manner of topics, all related to bring you more ease in your life.

You will have the opportunity to receive live guidance or healing around a particular issue or challenge you are dealing with currently, which will also assist the group.

Followed by a guided meditation, activation or visualisation, for deep relaxation and tuning in to your inner wisdom.

Come join us in a group of like minded souls and feel a sense of belonging.

First Tuesday of Every Month Starting next week - September the 6th Only £6 per session

The perfect place to focus on you and enjoy some much needed Me Time.

Jennifer Evans Aka ZenJen

Jennifer Evans aka ZenJen is an expert at freeing women from overwhelm, women who feel frazzled and stuck.

Taking clients from struggle and stress to ease, flow and fulfilment

Clients who work with Jennifer become calm and focused, with a true sense of who they are and what lights them up.

Clients gain confidence and clarity allowing them to take bold and inspired actions to create the joy, freedom, and success they desire, in all aspects of their life.

Jennifer is the founder of ZenJen, a Transformation Coach, Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker and Reiki Master, and has been assisting clients for over 15 years, she is passionate about assisting others to live a life they love!

Like many of us, Jennifer has had many challenges in life, starting over again at 44, moving back to the UK after living in Canada for 10 years, with just two suitcases, $2,000, two divorces and her wonder dog, Charlie.

She now lives in Italy with her wonderful partner Dominic and their dog Poppy, running a successful business, offering Fabulous Retreats, Coaching and Workshops.

Designed to help you flourish and You Live a Life You Love!

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