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Jennifer Evans aka ZenJen is an expert at freeing women from overwhelm, women who feel frazzled and stuck.

Taking clients from Struggle and Stress to Ease, Flow and Fulfilment

Clients who work with Jennifer become calm and focused, with a true sense of who they are and what lights them up. Clients gain confidence and clarity allowing them to take bold and inspired actions to create the joy, freedom, and success they desire, in all aspects of their life.

Jennifer is the founder of ZenJen, a Transformation Coach, Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker and Reiki Master, and has been assisting clients for over 15 years, she is passionate about assisting others to live a life they love!

Starting over again at 44

Like many of us, Jennifer has had many challenges in life, born in the UK, working in Europe, living in Canada for 10 years and starting over again at 44, with just two suitcases, $2,000, two divorces and her wonder dog, Charlie.

She now lives in Italy with her wonderful partner Dominic and their dog Poppy, running a successful business, offering Personalised Retreats to help you Restore, Reset and Re-energise, Transformation Coaching, and Group Programs.

Designed to help You Flourish and Live a Life You Love!


How can I help you?

If you want to feel calm and confident. energised and focused, and inspired and in your business, career, love and connection in your relationships, if you want to play more in life, why not reach out and connect with me?

You can reach me via What's App or Email and we can arrange a time to chat to explore and discover, what you want challenges you are facing, what keeps you stuck and even have a couple of breakthroughs.

I promise our conversation will be enlightening, uplifting and inspiring...

What's App +447796 252155



Jennifer is a beautiful mix of deep wisdom, gentle compassionate spirit and light hearted joy! To attend one of her retreats is a dream! Laurie Ritchie, St Louis, Ohio

Jennifer is an absolute genius at what she does... activator of play and possibility... so blessed by the work she has done with me, Jennifer Hough, Ashville, North Carolina

Jennifer embodies power and magic that are dedicated in service to you. Through creative and beautiful experiences she uplifts your heart, inspires your mind and soothes your soul. Christine Powers, New York.