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Do You Know Your Elephant

Dianne Ojar Dianne Ojar is the CEO of Olive Media Network, founder of TEN, IMD Canada, author, Radio & TV host, speaker, global networker, philantropreneur and Your Experiential Coach and more. Dianne Ojar is a globally recognized Canadian CEO, philantropreneur and serial entrepreneur. An expert in women’s entrepreneurship, power coaching, networker, and soul-healing practitioner, Dianne continues to empower women and her community through her life-long acquisition of skills and experiences as The Experiential Coach. Her background in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy and also a certified TAO Hands Practitioner as well a Soul Marketing Coach she has help many through their journeys and healing. Dianne is the founder of The Elephant in the Room program which is her signature program. In 2017 she also founded International Men’s Day Canada to support the men and boys by giving them a platform to speak. The multiple award-winning public figure and author whose empathetic and caring personality does not accept “NO” as an answer. In 2021 Olive Media was awarded the title of Best Private Corporate Media Company - Canada 2021 and also the Most Innovative Media Production Company – Ontario. Dianne is a motivator, mentor and “Doer”. She makes things happen. She is always welcoming, willing and open to share her knowledge, skills and expertise with those in need. She is in the practice of helping, healing and leading those who seek transformation and elevation in their lives. Dianne Ojar, The Experiential Coach and CEO of Olive Media can be contacted….

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