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Declutter your mind with a mental spring clean

Spring is the season for new beginnings, a time to renew and recharge. But more importantly just as we do a regular ‘spring clean’ of our home to declutter our personal space we should also be focused on a ‘spring cleanup for our mind’ as well.

After all, it is your mental thoughts that create your life’s destiny

Declutter your mind, what a fabulous idea! Begin to rid yourself of any negative

thoughts and behaviours you have harbored from the past in order to live a fulfilling life now. Let’s use a seed we plant in the earth as an analogy. With enough nurturing and care that seed will bloom into a beautiful plant or flower. However, at the same time if you are not taking care of it weeds will begin to grow and the plant will die off and wither away from a lack of attention.

What I do know for a fact is ‘thoughts are things’. When you plant positive thoughts into your magnificent mind you will create positive outcomes. Similar to a seed planted in the earth that has a set pattern destined by nature to grow into fruition we also have the ability to materialize into any self image we want thru concentrated effort. So, like the seed, if your thought is ‘planted’, ‘nurtured’ and cared for those focused thoughts will manifest into physical reality. Just like the miracle of tulip bulbs that quietly grow beneath the earth surface popping up thru the cold wintry ground they manifest into a beautiful flower. Well, we can do the very same thing with a proper mindset!

You have the ability to pull ‘negative weeds’ from your mind. Replace negative habits by cultivating a new vibrant idea so you can begin again. To become a recharged, brand-new version of yourself just by sweeping out a bit of clutter and doing a ‘spring cleaning

Here are a few tips:

Declutter your home/office: When the space around you is clear and void of all clutter you can become better organized to start working on yourself. Begin to remove old limiting beliefs & emotional baggage you have carried around with you to become the new and improved person you have always dreamt of becoming. Make a commitment & take action.

Build a sold foundation: Brand new ‘seeds’ or positive ideas will have a difficult time being nurtured until you remove the negative habits & foundation from the past. Part of building a solid foundation is to eat healthy, sleep at least 5-6 hours a nite and stay active. Abandon the slow sedentary routines you may have harbored over the previous months and get moving!

Enjoy Life: Be mindful of your thinking patterns by heightening your awareness to only focus on positive thoughts. Are you living the life you really want? If not why? Visualize the goals you want to achieve and release the self doubts and fears that may have been holding you back.

Start Afresh: If you take time out for yourself to relax you can set new goals that you would truly like to achieve. Ask yourself what are the steps to get you there? Write your thoughts and goals down repeating them often. Plan to create a stimulating morning routine for yourself even it is short and simple. Let the springtime immerse you with inspirational energy and new life!

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Lori Gradley

Splendid Inspiration

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