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Complete Guidance at the Highest Level

The combination of experience, education, and proven success makes Michelle the ideal partner for any significant transformation.

Michelle L. Kostidakis

Healthy Living & Menopause Coach

"I help women step into greatness, fulfill their calling and become their best self by helping them identify with what is holding them back, adapt new boundaries and skills to be successful while providing them with the support they need for lifelong change."

My programs are established from proven success systems to ensure the delivery of exceptional, sustainable results. With one on one coaching I want to help you drive successful change using my extensive knowledge and experience.


I was lying in bed just 6 year old when I heard commotion and yelling like I never had before, I got scared so I left my room quietly peaking into the kitchen where the yelling was coming from to see my mother being held over the counter with a knife to her neck, this sight had me running back to my room scared, confused, and distraught.

I totally can't recall the time frame being so young but the next big blow that came was, I’m now driving in the car with my mother and sister, the car full of stuff to move in with my grandparents. You see my birth father walked out on us and my mom had no choice but to move us all in with them. From that day forward I watched my mom work all the time going from one job to the next to financially take care of us.

Not having much time with my mom and being abandoned by the one man who was supposed to love me unconditionally and never leave, this was the start of some deep emotional scars. Being sexually abused as a young girl was the turning point which led me in a direction of unhealthy relationships, an unhealthy mindset, eating disorders, and alcohol which held me back from being or becoming the person I truly was intended to be. I promised myself that one day when I got married and became a parent, things would be different.

Being an athlete led me to become educated and focus on a fitness and nutrition career so I could help others. Becoming a new mom, I wanted to be the best mother possible and raise healthy happy kids so I continued my education focusing on childhood nutrition and fitness while implementing it in my boy's lives. I tried to be the perfect mom, the perfect wife, the perfect homemaker, the perfect everything, while always still being that 6-year-old abandoned girl wondering what I did wrong or what was wrong will me that my dad didn't even love me.

This way of thinking led me into many many years of destructive patterns that did nothing but hold me back in every single area of my life. Please don't get me wrong I have a great life, great family, and amazing kids but up until I finally said ENOUGH I need to align all areas of my life, I was just a portion of who I am today and who I will grow to be each and every day from this moment on.

"I serve women who have lived their lives thinking they were no good, not enough, too fat, too skinny, unlovable, not wanted, too ugly, too pretty and always putting themselves last. Resulting in half lived lives filled with anger, animosity, bitterness, not being satisfied, depression, recklessness, addiction, unhealthy relationships, unhealthy bodies and unhealthy lives."

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