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Where in Your Life or Business/Career Do You Feel Stuck or Overwhelmed?

What areas in your life are you Feeling Overwhelmed, Stuck and a bit like a rabbit in the headlights?

If any of the below ring true for you this is designed for you...

  • Allowing worries, self-doubt and fear to keep you from your goals, aspirations and dreams

  • Dissatisfied with the lack of progress on a project

  • Feeling unsettled and uncertain of how to move forward

  • Going through a transition or new chapter and need a clear path forward

  • Overwhelmed and struggling in life in general

  • Want to live with more ease and flow​

Give yourself a Big Boost towards creating more freedom and success in all areas of life, including your relationships, your business and your career.

In a way which lights you up and keeps you feeling inspired, energised and focused

​It's a game changer and has totally revolutionised the way I live my life and do business. This way of being has been key to flourishing and creating flow, freedom and success for my clients and myself within both personal and work life…

I am totally passionate about supporting you in your journey to success, and I would love for you to join me live for:

The ZenJen Overwhelm to Freedom & Success Essentials

Light Up Your Journey To Success

Live, Interactive and Fun Workshop

Watch Quick Intro Video Below

High in Valuable Content, that’s a promise

This Overwhelm to Freedom and Success Workshop is high in valuable content, jam packed with tools and practices which actually work!

On the Spot Live Guidance

You will have the opportunity to receive on the spot guidance around your specific issues helping you release overwhelm and frazzle to help you become unstuck and fly forward.

You Will Discover How To

  • Release Overwhelm and Anxiety Fast

  • Quiet down the Constant Mind Chatter and Create Space

  • Create a Clear Vision of What You Truly Want

  • Feel Inspired, Energised and Focused

  • Transform Hard work into Play

  • Move Beyond Procrastination

  • Live Life with more Ease and Flow


Super Special Offer - Pick Your Own Price

The investment for the workshop is usually £330

You choose whether you pay from £10 to £100 or more, and anything in between.

A good guideline is £39 (around $47), it's up to you!!



Workshop Series 3 weekly sessions

October 13th

October 20th

October 27th

Times - 90 minutes per session

10AM - Eastern Time (New York)

3PM - British Summer Time (London)

4PM - Central European Time (Rome)


Choose the Half Day Option

Saturday 15th October


9AM to 1:30PM - Eastern Time (New York)

2PM to 6:30PM- British Summer Time (London)

3PM to 7:30PM - Central European Time (Rome)

Take action today and join us, I don’t want you to miss this amazing opportunity to fly forward in all areas of your life and enjoy your journey to success.


What to expect

  • A truly interactive and fun experience, where you can connect with me directly

  • A workshop filled with valuable high content, jam packed with tools and practices

  • Real examples, real situations with real solutions

  • Plenty of practical and powerful adaptable tools and techniques

  • Experience powerful shifts in perspective to create ease and flow

  • Breakthrough blocks and barriers which hold you back

  • Feel more confident

  • Look at procrastination and resistance in a new light – so you no longer feel stuck

  • Feel uplifted and inspired, consistently

and more...


I will be sharing with you an exclusive offer of how you can dive deeper with me. I will keep it

short and sweet, I promise.


A Breakdown of the Workshop

1. Welcome & Introduction, Creating Calm, Space and Focus

Introduction, what to expect, how to set yourself up for the best experience

Overwhelm Causes and Symptoms -what to watch out for

Using your specific causes of overwhelm and providing you solutions

Quieting the mind and relaxation


2. Releasing Worry and Moving beyond Fear, Clarity and Confidence

How to release worry and take back control and take positive action

Using examples of your specific worries to help you release them

How to Create a Clear Vision of What You Want

Boost your Self Confidence with Super-Power Activation


3. Procrastination, Productivity, Play and Effectiveness

Where are you Time Leaks and How to Create Time Abundance

Moving Beyond Procrastination and Resistance

Using examples of your areas of procrastination/resistance and assist with you moving forward

Starting Your day right and becoming Aligned with Your Success


What’s your next steps

Wrap up


It will be filled with new perspective, powerful insight all designed to help you shift and transform those beliefs and patterns which have kept you stuck.

​Showing you a new way of being and doing things, a way in which lights you up and keeps you inspired and moving towards your goals and aspirations!!

I will be sharing with you an exclusive offer of how you can dive deeper with me. I will keep it short and sweet, I promise.


Transformation Success Coach, Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Podcast Host, Retreat Leader, Reiki Master

Jennifer Evans aka ZenJen is an expert at freeing women from overwhelm, who feel frazzled and stuck.

Taking clients from struggle and stress to ease, flow, freedom and fun...

Clients who work with Jennifer become calm and focused, with a true sense of who they are and what lights them up. Clients gain confidence and clarity allowing them to take bold and inspired actions to create the joy, freedom, and success they desire, in all aspects of their life.

Jennifer is the founder of ZenJen, a Transformation Coach, Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker and Reiki Master, and has been assisting clients for over 15 years, she is passionate about assisting others to live a life they love!

Like many of us, Jennifer has had many challenges in life, starting over again at 44, with just two suitcases, $2,000, two divorces and her wonder dog, Charlie.

She now lives in Italy with her wonderful partner Dominic and their dog Poppy, running a successful business, offering Fabulous Personalised Retreats and Coaching, as well as Workshops and Group Programs.

Designed to help you flourish and You Live a Life You Love!

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