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A Beautiful Day for a Collaboration

By: Ronnie Swais - Publisher / Owner

I’ve decided to create a new blog that speaks specifically about how brilliantly effective writing is to boost your voice, your brand and your sales. I admit I am bias seeing as I own my own magazine and am in the book publishing business. But if I can get you to really embrace writing and the multiple ways you can generate income from it; you’ll agree that it’s awesome and writing can be very cathartic and therapeutic.

In this blog post I’m going to write about Anthology Books and how you can use an anthology to boost your profile, generate money and collaborate with other brilliant writers.

First off, we must understand what an Anthology is and the role of a Compiler. Simply put, an anthology is a book that has multiple Authors contributing to it and a Compiler is the one who Coordinates the project.

Most times a Compiler also writes a Chapter in the Book, but at all times, they are the lead of the project, bringing on the other Co Authors, supporting them through the writing process, making sure they maintain timelines, work with the book production company, host (virtual) book launches and promote the collaboration.

I believe that a business owner can harness the power of collaboration via an Anthology and not only make money for themselves, but also help their Co Authors make money and share information that can help others live their best life through their content!

Launching an Anthology project is not that far off an Event business model. An Event coordinator sells exhibitor spots to people to showcase what they do. A Compiler sells chapters in their book to people for the very same reason.

It gives all the Co Authors a chance to been seen, read, & published very cost effectively. By collaborating together on the book, costs are shared but the impact & prestige is still high.

The Compiler gets paid from the project for their role in coordinating it, and from any book sales they do. If they have a business, they also increase their profile and drive sales.

The Co Authors get sales from the book itself and if they have a business, they also increase their profile and drive sales.

The reader - they receive escapism, education, entertainment, motivation, and inspiration depending on the topic.

So where to begin and how do you convince others to Co Authors and join your Book? You decide on your topic and make sure you are passionate about it. If you are excited, your Co authors will want to be a part of that excitement.

As the Compiler you also have to remember that the book isn’t just about just you, it’s about the collaboration, so egos must be kept in check.

Finding the Co Authors depend on what the book is about – if it a collection of short stories – anyone who writes can submit.

If the book is about holistic healing, then you would reach out to holistic healing practitioners.

Your Co authors would come on for different reasons too, practitioners would want to be able to use the book as a tool to build their business along with selling the book itself or use it as a promotional tool.

A Co Author of short stories wants a platform that will increase their readership and so they can sell the books.

It is a wonderful feeling completing a book; collaborating with other Authors opens the door to new opportunities.

Types of Books that make great Anthologies

Self Help, Holistic Healing, Entrepreneurship, Spirituality, Women's Fiction, Romance stories, Poetry, Short Stories & Memoirs

I hope this blog got you thinking and if you think it might help someone else please feel free to share it!


We offer an Anthology package that includes not only the book production but coaching on how to launch your own Anthology. Just click the link or send me an email, we can set up a time to talk and I can answer all your questions.

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