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5 Super Easy Tips to Get the Best Sleep of Your Life

Sometimes, despite best efforts, sleep is elusive. So many things can cause sleep troubles, but luckily there are some things you can do to help get a full night's rest. Read on for our favorite tips to get the best sleep of your life! Want more wellness? Click here

Go outside each morning

Fresh air naturally helps wake you up and sunlight helps level out your circadian rhythm. By becoming fully awake in the morning, at night your body will want to get rest so you can wake up and get going the next day.

Be mindful of what you eat before bed

Eating too much may disrupt your stomach and make sleeping uncomfortable, while being overly hungry may cause discomfort that also stops you from getting sounds sleep. Try to make sure you feel full but not too full before you go to bed for an undisturbed rest.

Journal before you sleep

If stress and worry is keeping you up at night, try writing down your feelings before your head hits the pillow. Physically putting pen to paper is the most soothing, but typing into your phone works in a pinch. Writing down your anxiety can help calm your racing thoughts and tire you out.

Practice deep breathing

Lie down on your back and focus on taking a deep breath in through the diaphragm, holding for a second or two, then slowing releasing the breath and repeating can calm your mind and body and prepare you for a peaceful sleep.

Try aromatherapy

Adding a couple of drops of lavender or chamomile oil to your diffuser or a warm bath (with a carrier oil) can put you in a relaxed state which can help you sleep through the night.


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