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10 Steps Towards Creating A Healthier Routine

We cannot return to the lifestyle enjoyed by our ancestors, but we can make better choices in what life offers us now.

Our health is rarely something we think about until we lose it or see signs like infertility, asthma, eczema or fatigue. We tend to use our family’s preferences, the doctor’s advice or TV and Internet as our guides to our lifestyle, nutrition and wellness choices. We do not often think of the choices we have in dental or medical treatments, the environment at work or even the headache pill we occasionally take, as a significant factor in our long-term well-being. Yet these everyday decisions determine whether we will develop issues such as cancer, diabetes, depression or Alzheimer's.

Our ancestors walked everywhere, spent time in the sun and fresh air, ate local food in season that was grown on unpolluted, undepleted soil, dewormed (detoxed) their animals and their family twice a year and used herbs, fasts and rest as their cures.

We tend to drive our children to school; sit in front of the computer and cell phones during the day and the TV at night; eat pesticide and antibiotic-laced food, cooked or reheated in microwave ovens, on the run and take liver-destroying acetaminophen (Tylenol) for a headache.

Now the Covid 19 Pandemic has us wearing masks that cut down our oxygen levels and distancing causing people psychological stress.

Perhaps we cannot return to the lifestyle enjoyed by our ancestors, but we can make better choices in what life offers us now.

For instance eliminating fluoride from our water, food, dental treatments and toothpaste will prevent certain cancers from developing; from our bones getting brittle, and will stop the destruction of our thyroid gland which is a vital regulator of heart function, metabolism, libido and brain power.

Breathing air in a forest or a park to oxygenate our cells. If you have access to ozone, insufflating ozone into your body will prevent a lot of illness that is caused by lack of oxygen.

Detoxifying from heavy metals will go a long way to restore fertility, eliminate brain fog, improve memory and vitality, and prevent dreaded diseases like MS, ALS and Alzheimer's. An Ozone Sauna, or a proper Foot Bath can help you with this task best.

One of the common issues that plague many in today's society is Candida. It causes a myriad of symptoms: bloating, obesity, brain fog, rashes, yeast infections, infertility, dandruff etc. Candida is a fungus that feeds on sugar and overgrows when our normal gut flora is out of balance. It happens easily when we consider how prevalent antibiotic and steroid use is in medical treatments. Both of them are ”like fertilizers” for Candida overgrowth. Check food labels; sugar is the main ingredient in most prepared foods on our supermarket shelves.

Avoid dental offices that still use mercury amalgam fillings or don’t know how to remove them SAFELY.

Refuse fluoride treatments for your children. Refuse Root Canals. Decline “silver” mercury fillings.

How do you start to deal with all these issues?

Start slowly and consider some of the following suggestions:

1. Take supplements that will support your own immune system without synthetics or drugs. Example; start with a Glutathione and Vitamin C (in Lipospheric form), vitamin D

2. Start walking at least 30 min a day.

3. Throw away your microwave oven.

4. Shop in the organic part of the supermarket or farmer's markets. 5. Cook food from scratch whenever possible; take lunch to work.

6. Avoid sugar, pop, alcohol prepared foods and fast foods.

7. Consider a juice fast or a cleansing fast regularly.

8. Filter your water or buy spring water without fluoride.

9. Drink ½ your weight in lbs. in oz. of water

10. Find a holistic dental office that uses no fluoride or mercury (Call our office if you need help finding one)

Remember; your body is designed for perfect health. We were meant to live 120 Healthy years! Correct the issues that keep you from Exponential Health and Vitality by using natural therapies and approaches which address the CAUSE rather than go after symptoms with drugs that poison you further.

We offer a complimentary discovery consult if you want to find out more.


Oksana M. Sawiak DDS. IMD. MAGD. AIAOMT

Author, Lecturer, Wellness Consultant

Dr. Sawiak practiced family dentistry from 1966 to 2008 and for the last 30 years focused on mercury-free/biological dentistry.

Today she lectures in biologic dentistry, non-surgical natural gum treatment, pain control, wellness and detoxification and has authored 2 books.

Dr. Sawiak constantly adds to her vast knowledge in order to serve her clients ever more completely. In 1989, she was the first woman in the world to achieve a Mastership in the Academy of General dentistry and in July 2011 attained her Doctor of Integrative Medicine. Dr. Sawiak practices as an Integrative Wellness Consultant at the Sawiak Integrative Wellness Institute in Georgetown Ont.

For further information go to and sign up for her monthly updates.

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