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You Don’t Need a Reason to Celebrate the Season

Once you see your first pumpkin you know the party has started. We roasted turkey and ham and made sweet and mashed potatoes. We added stuffing, cranberry sauce, and green bean casseroles. We then brought out the good stuff, gravy, wine and beer. Party on people - we are in full fall celebration mode.

Thanksgiving turns to Halloween. We decorate and dress up, we give out candy, and then eat the rest. We are on the roller coaster ride to the US Thanksgiving which gives us the excuse to watch endless amounts of football and have pizza. It is just a short ride to see Santa and we love it. Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye. There will be presents and trees and food and family and friends.

The reason times like this are so important is easy. It is tradition. It is a time for being together and enjoying warm feelings, hot tea, and cozy pajamas. Nothing soothes the soul like connection. The reason we celebrate is to bring together people in one place to be on the same page. If we could just do this for the rest of our lives, we would have true success.

If we all just realized that the energy being spent on collaborative events is the best use of our time, we would do it more often. Some people are great at celebrating the small stuff. Some people find it to be a chore. From a mental health and feel-good point, nothing can beat a real and true happy place with people who share the same interests for that moment in time. We certainly have the ability to do that if we choose to. It is all about the choices we make and the results we get. The fall is the perfect time to celebrate as there is so much changing with the colors of the leaves, the crisp air, and the certainty that we are heading to the end of another year.

Take your time and smell the roses, have a coffee; go for a walk in the leaves with your dog. Make each day a celebration of your life and include those in it so they are aware of their place in your heart. Have the season of change help you to change. Don’t wait for a reason to celebrate your life. You are the reason to celebrate every season.

Diane E. Makarowski, Life Enhancer

Let me help you to navigate the areas you struggle with and share some life experiences and knowledge to make the sun come out again. Let me be there for you and we will learn together on your journey to a healthier and happier life.

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