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You Always Have Everything You Need Within

I bet you are saying to yourself, “Yeah, right, I really don’t have everything I need! I am working 2 jobs, paying 2 mortgages, my body is in pain, some of my relationships suck and I want the world to be a happier, safer place.” You and many others are feeling this way. We all want answers and solutions for a better and happier world. I get it and to be honest at times I get twinges of these feelings as well. I know they can be overwhelming, making you wonder how you will ever find the answers to your problems right?

So, you may ask, how do you access this "everything you need?" Going within is having an entrance to the place where all the answers you have been seeking are found. I understand that most people have a hard time understanding what going within really means. I did for years and all I seemed to achieve was more frustration as I searched for answers to all my dilemmas and woes. I was so frustrated that I could not seem to find the path or doorway to even begin to go within. Going within has been likened to meditation and although this is one sure way, there are also other ways.

First know that you have probably gone "within" without even being consciously aware from time to time. This gift is inherent within each of us. We have come equipped when we arrived on this planet. Some call it intuition, your God sense, your Higher Power, your connection to all that ever was and will ever be. Most times we go within without realizing it when we are: Daydreaming Reading Watching TV Driving (happens naturally but it’s not the best time to remove your focus!) Just before going to sleep and when we wake up Sitting, walking in nature Anything creative, playing music, dancing, crafting, etc. Washing dishes, gardening, or doing a repetitive task Taking a relaxing shower or bath It feels like you are removing the focus from the outside world and going off on a little trip inside, right before you catch yourself and bring yourself back into the moment of the task at hand. You have gone within.

The problem lies in not been trained or supported to remember how to use your gift of connection by going within. Everything you need or desire can be found by going within. Our answers lay deep within our soul. Our Soul is connected to the Universe which is our source, our creator, our answers and guidance system. When we try to source answers from our head, we only find answers and solutions that are already within that at small capacity. But when we seek answers from the universe, well the supply is endless because the creator has infinite answers. It just takes some practice, it is just like riding a bicycle, it becomes easier and easier. Just hop on and take the ride. There are so many ways of going within, that there are no wrong ways. Whatever feels comfortable with you will always work.

I will share with you some ways to start the process

• Intentional breathing…long and deep.

• Focusing on a beautiful object or closing your eyes grounds you.

• Keep thoughts that enter in over to the side as you just concentrate on breathing and focusing.

• Now, start by moving into the heart center and connecting with your heartbeat. You are now one with the Creator.

• Be still with this.

• Or, ask a simple question you desire an answer or guidance for.

• Keep breathing.

• Rest in the stillness.

• Listen with your heart.

• Answers and direction come in the stillness of the moment. Although they may appear at a time later.

• Congratulations, you have now gone "within." Keep up this practice until going within becomes part of your day to day practice. Your life will begin to flow in new and uplifted ways, synchronicity and answers to your questions will appear to show you the way. Take the time to yourself to reflect on who and what you are and the magic will begin!

Judy K Martene Relationship and Anxiety Coach• Life coaching for women who have stress, worry, and anxiety• Healing from relationship problems. m www.judymartene.com

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