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You Already Have Wings

It is love and compassion that heals.

Many years ago I was privileged to work with substance users who became my best teachers of what 'tormented souls' looked like.

We drink, take drugs, gamble, shop excessively, or work until we drop to fill a void! What is this void you might ask?

Unfortunately for most of us, we have not been socialized to believe that we are worthy no matter what 'script' we have chosen to play in life~~for the world indeed is a stage! There are no victims; we are simply a soul entity having a human experience!

Nevertheless, we need to be encouraged to share our fears, anger and lack of self-worth, especially men who have been erroneously socialized to be strong, and that men don't cry, etc. Wrong!

Crying makes us human and sharing our feelings makes us humble.

I can assure you, 80% of our population feels unworthy, no matter what their status in life might be!

In the past 20 years however, a new, but subtle form of addiction has emerged! Cell phones! We might feel that we are being responsible and prepared for an emergency. Think again! The young and not so young walking around with their cell phones exposed, just in case there’s a phone call. Young families sitting next to each other completely engrossed in social media and disconnected from life.

When our children prefer texting rather having a meaningful conversation with us, we need to ask ourselves ‘why’.

An ‘acting out’ child is, an emotionally unfulfilled child! If you are a teacher, a parent or an employer, don’t let a day go by without reminding the future of our planet that they are worthy no matter what poor choices they may have made. The marginalized is there to teach us compassion. It is love and compassion that heals, and treating a 'broken' heart with drugs~~that's insanity!

Remember that humility is the first step towards wisdom.

A hefty bank account does not make us wise, but life's adversity can make us whole! President Lincoln's formal education was grade 6, but his life's purpose was to abolish slavery! Have you discovered your life's purpose! What do you have a passion for? As we learn to think with our heart and feel with our brain, may you always follow the Higher Intelligence of the Heart~~for the answers to life life, lie deep within our heart and soul!


Rita Be-Still, Healer of Broken Hearts

Author, Motivational Speaker

Be-Still Foundation for Higher Spiritual Learning


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