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What is This Awakening Thing?

By Rev. Irma Haggith

Humanity on the planet is in the process of awakening. Are you one of them? Most of us are aware of people that have completely changed their lives through spiritual awareness. For example Oprah Winfrey brought Ekhart Tolle to the forefront on her show. In Ekhart’s book he talks about our relationship with our EGO. Our EGO is a necessary part of us, however there are some that take it to another level. I am sure we can all think of someone that falls into this arena.

In the movie ‘The Matrix’ Keanu Reeves finds himself in a world he never knew existed. This is now what is happening to us. We are starting to become aware of ourselves as a part of a whole, instead of a separate being doing their own thing, ‘EGO’. As you awaken, you feel more of a connection to the planet, everyone, and everything.

We do not yet realize the infinite potential we have as these spiritual beings in this vessel called a HUMAN BODY. For the most part we function on a daily basis at about a 1 or 2, out of 10 in our levels of awareness. Through things like meditation, yoga, connecting with nature, being kind to others, and learning to love ourselves, we can raise that level much higher.

Deepak Chopra’s latest book ‘META HUMAN,’ is about unleashing our hidden potential. Dr. Joe Dispenza is teaching about the importance of ‘COHERENCE’ within ourselves. As a Doctor, he is actually testing people in his seminars to prove that what he teaches works. In this state of total coherence we no longer exist in time and space as ‘EGO’ we ‘JUST ARE.’ As we become nothing and no one, we also become totally free. This allows our bodies to heal what needs to be healed.

What if I told you that we have come into these bodies on this planet with all of the tools necessary to heal ourselves and live long, happy and abundant lives? Would you believe me? For years I have experimented with energy. Energy of plants, animals, humans and myself. I remember taking a fitness test a long time ago and I was able to consciously control and slow my heart rate after exertion. But hey. All of my life I have pushed myself to NOT be in the box we call the ‘COMFORT ZONE’. When we are afraid to push our limitations we can become boring and stuck in a sameness that does not push us forward. We become totally disheartened and stop trying.

Do you remember how old you were, or at what point in your life you started to question things like religion and spirituality? For me it actually started in Church. When I reached High School it was a paperback book about religions of the world that opened my mind even further. So my journey began.

Over the years I have formally studied, and self-studied through reading and taking workshops and online courses. I have added tool after tool to what I call my ‘TOOL BAG’, only to realize I now have all that I need inside of me. We just have to become aware, and find the best way to practice and achieve the coherence within us that assists our bodies to heal. What I challenge you to do, is to not take all that you read, see, or hear at face value. But learn to become a person that practices discernment. What I mean by this is to be able to go inside and ‘FEEL’ what is the truth of what you are reading, seeing or hearing. It is only through this practice, that you will be able to train yourself to know what is ‘TRUTH,’ and what is NOT.

Discernment is the best investment you can make in yourself. Para phrased below are some of the signs of Awakening from the Deepak Chopra Centre

  • You become more aware of your patterns and how they hold you back

  • You feel a stronger sense of connection to humanity, and nature.

  • You start to let go of attachments in your life. Clean up clutter, let go.

  • You have a deeper sense of inner peace. Maybe you start to meditate.

  • You have an increased sixth sense, intuition.

  • You start to notice an increase of synchronicities in your life.

  • You notice an increase in Compassion.

  • You no longer let death scare you.

  • You start becoming more authentic.

With all of this you begin to flourish.


Rev. Irma Haggith is a Soul Awakening Coach through the Akashic Records for over 14 years. Information coming through the readings can include Star Seed Illuminations, Angelic Activations, lifting the Veils of Illusion or medical intuition scans. Long held issues, beliefs or blocks, can be released with clients seven generations back, and seven generations forward. This allows not only the client to heal, but their family as well. Body Psychotherapy, Inner Child Work, Mirror Work, and more can come through in a reading. Rev. Irma is a non-denominational metaphysical ordained minister, licensed to perform weddings in Ontario. A Reiki Master, Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator, author, soul guide and counselor

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