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What Does Lymph Have to Do With Fatigue?

Lockdown is here. We don’t get out as much. We sit more. We move less. That is when our lymphatic system tends towards stagnation.

Why is that important? First let us learn about the lymphatic system.

WE have a circulatory system ( our blood vessels) that carries nutrients and oxygen to all our cells. This circulation is pumped by our heart beat.

We have the acupuncture system which is like our “electrical wiring" weren’t system that carries energy to our organs and cells.

This is conducted by energy (CHI). Then there is the lymph system which acts like our sewer system. (Think of the lymph vessels as our “sewer pipes” and the lymph nodes as our “septic tanks”). This system does not have a pump or electric system to move its contents along. It relies on the movement of muscles or massage.

When our circulation does not work well due to heart problems, our feet swell, we get cold, our organs start failing.

When the chi is blocked in our meridians by infection or scars, or a root canal, the organs on that meridian suffer. I have seen breast cancer on many people who had a root canal or infected tooth on the breast meridian.

When the lymphatics get blocked, toxins build up in the vessels and lymph nodes, the body hurts, swells, lumps form, rashes and headaches start and the end result can be anything from fatigue to arthritis to cancer.

Lymph drainage can be improved by lymphatic massage, rebounding on a trampoline for 10 min a day , T-Zone vibration, Far InfraRed Sauna, adequate water intake, and Skin brushing.Spend 20 minutes per day with legs straight up the wall and butt close to the wall.Massaging the inside of the leg while in this position helps with lymphatic drainage.

So here is your prescription:

  • Drink ½ oz of spring water per pound of your weight every day (No, tea, coffee, pop or lemon water do not count)

  • Walk or bounce on a rebounder, trampoline, skip rope or sit-bounce on an exercise ball for 10 min a day

  • Before your shower, use a skin brush in circular motions from the tips of your fingers and toes towards the heart, till it tingles and glows healthy pink

  • Arrange regular massages– with a knowledgeable massage therapist

  • Do the legs up the wall exercise

  • Rake in a Far Infra Red sauna (or Ozone Sauna) as often as you can.

  • Take magnesium if your bowels are not moving 3x a day

  • If you sit a lot, get up every hour and walk, or consider investing in a stand-up desk that you can stand at as well as sit

When you are healthy and vital everything else flows better in life.


Dr. Oksana Sawiak

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