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Waiting for the Divine Spark to Awaken in All of Humankind

Channelling Feb 18, 2021

Let’s take the time now to go in deep and to uncover and unwrap the streamlining strings of majestic connections that are written between our heart’s strings now at this time. The time of remembrance of the year gone by and the passing of one existence to another has and can bring forth a new revelation and relishes of upbringing emotions of the good and the bad as we feel this change and shift beating across the floor as we see and witness and hear the footsteps and see the footprints of where we have gone and where we want to be.

We are in the timing and position of the center fuse of time and space in this multiverse of preconditioning at which we have prepared for at this time in our lives. We are ready for these new changes and shifts. We are ready for the passing of time where we will see our foothold in one world and our other foot in the other. The timing that is being revealed to us now is reaching out to make a connection. It is reaching far and wide as it is stretched out from one end of the universe to the other. It is reverberating out in the middle of this.

This moment is waiting for us to move forward, to manifest and to decide which way we will go and how this will all turn out and how will we get there? What will we do when we arrive at our new starting point? This new place that we speak of, across the rainbow bridge, is across the planetary atmosphere and is surrounded by the groups of light beings of the galactic federation of light. In delight, we are all sitting here and bearing witness to the next step for humankind. We all sit in wonder and amazement as we watch and uncover your next steps, your true selves emerging out from under the vail.

There is much love and strength coming out to us on the other side. We have sat waiting with so much love and compassion in our own hearts and souls. The energetic footprint and next steps have been imprinted into our consciousness, and we are waiting and allowing each new and next step to unfold before us. We have witnessed much strength and glory coming out of your world and your true selves. Your true purpose has been catapulted out and rein capsulated back into your heartstrings once again. The ties and bonds of light have magnified into a million fragments. They can be seen up close and multiplied over and over again as we have been putting the pieces together.

The shifts have been increasing with the energetic upgrades that we have been sending out to you all on planet earth. The new beginnings are starting to unravel, and we see and witness the new true foothold on your planet earth. Many have been doing the work at raising your vibrations and allowing the light to come in. It has streamed across and now sticks in the hearts and minds of the ones listening at this time to these messages and with courage and strength.

The notes have been taken by the masses, and we are all keeping track and taking notes, where all this is settling in quite nicely into the Akashic records. The new book of Mormon and the new books of Christ are now being written and rewritten with the new prospects that are arriving just around the corner for you and for us here in the galactic federation of light. We are cheering you all on now, and in these pristine divine moments, we want to remember all this, and it is well documented of these times.

The greatest of times all present out to you on planet earth right now. For you are in the times now, my dear ones, and you are all in the middle of this now. You have let go of the start and allowed this to take place and come forth on this line. This light frequency, the light post which is left on for you in the midway point which you have arrived on. The steppingstones are being laid down for you all now as you have the strength and reverence to take your next steps forward.

Onto this revelation of new wave thought forms and passageways which have been leading you all down this road of oneness and forgiveness. The true thought leaders are taking you there. One kind word after another, one action taken after another and one purpose after another. You have all lined up and chain-linked up to come full circle with your beliefs and your divine true nature of who you really are and who you can and will become.

The light rays are passing through these portals and reaching you all now; we are all in joyful moments within the space-time continuum, watching and waiting for the divine spark to awaken in all of humankind. In this will be the deliverance of the Christ white light emanating into your hearts and souls where our great consciousness will be shared once again. The love and the light will be shown to all mankind and in delight and with peace and grace and hope in our hearts. We will sit and wait for this glowing expansion to occur and ricochet from one end of the universe to the next, and in love and peace we go now, amen.

Always in the light, Melissa T. Downard


Melissa is a true healer, physically, energetically, and spiritually. For many years, Melissa sensed her angels and guides around her and has received channeled messages which she has recorded and published. This work has helped many receive comfort and light while on their Light Path Transition.

No one is alone and it is Melissa’s passion to ensure that all who are in pain, know that there is always someone whether, here or beyond that is helping them heal at a soul level.

Melissa is a Spiritual Channeler, Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Reiki Master, Psychic

Medium, and Essenian assistant healer. Melissa has been trained as a Reiki Master and Registered Practical Nurse and has recently trained in Medical Office Assistant. She is also a contributing writer to A Beautiful Life magazine and speaks on many topics to spread the knowledge that we are all one and we are all connected within our heart opening awareness.

Contact Melissa Email: Website: Facebook: True Beings Of Light Intuitive Healing Instagram: misslissad Twitter: kisslissad Linked in : Melissa Downard Mobile: 905 866 7424

Please message me to connect for guidance and healing in these new challenging times. Join me for a soul purpose reading where your guides can help you thrive in these times. Find out what they want you to know!



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