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Top 7 Tips For Starting a Holistic Business

Thinking of starting your own holistic business? Choosing a job in the holistic sector is a great career, whether you go all in, or add a side hustle to your existing job. A holistic practitioner helps balance their client’s mental, spiritual, and physical health and wellness. If this sounds like something you are interested in, read on for our best tips on starting your own holistic business.

Decide whether you want services, products, or both.

Would you prefer to sit down and coach someone over a period of time, or write a self-help book so they can help themselves? Thinking about this will narrow down what kind of business you’d like to have and will also determine what your start-up costs may be.

Pick your modality.

The holistic business category is very broad. It spans from yoga to mediumship to chiropractors and massage therapists. Think about modalities that you have already incorporated into your own life, like your weekly yoga class, and whether that would be something you’d like to teach. You can also think about things you enjoy, such as painting - this can lead you to a career in colour therapy.

Get training.

Take a life coach course and become certified, shadow a Feng Shui teacher and understand their techniques. Not only is this a great way to learn your craft, but some holistic professions require training, apprenticeship or certification to open your own business.

Join groups and associations.

Being a member of a professional association ups the credibility of your practice. They provide access to networking events, training seminars, and holistic directories where potential clients can find you. They are a direct source of trends and updates in your industry. Associations can also help you find collaborative partners…


Whether you partner with someone in the same modality and open a practice or find someone who does a different but complementary business to yours and swap links on your sites; make a point to connect with others in the wellness industry. Find like-minded people through LinkedIn, or a simple Google search. Send them a message or call them up to discuss how you can work together and share your audiences.

Get online… and off.

Try to create a presence for your business both in the real world and the internet world. Having a website and social media pages can help potential clients get to know you and your services/products. You may be tempted to stay strictly online because we’ve become accustomed to it. But if you expand to an offline business as well, you expand your pool of potential customers and give them more options to access your business (which promotes more sales). Start by renting a room in a spa for your reiki practice or create a pop-up shop at your local mall to sell your essential oils.


People can’t be your client unless they know about you and your business. Go to networking events and take an ad in a publication that sells to your demographic. Take booths at holistic events in your area, and speak at a conference. Make a flyer with a special offer and hand it out wherever you go. The more people that know what you do, the more likely you are to get clients!


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