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Thoughts on Creativity

Your thoughts require you to make a choice - pay attention and to listen or let it go.

Everything that you see around you, apart from the natural world, began with a thought, with an idea, a vision. The teacup that holds your favourite tea, the kettle that boils your water, the chair you sit on, the magazine you are reading, all began with a thought.

We live in a world of creation, a physical manifestation of our thoughts that when contemplated, formulate a vision, which, if we choose, can be harnessed to a desire, leading to action. To take a thought, bring it out of our head and heart and into the world where we can see it and share it with others, is what creativity is.

We have a multitude of thoughts each day, some good, some not so good, some trivial, some introspective, some conflicting, and mixed in with all of this, there can be sweet inspiration, looking for a place to land, looking for physical expression, looking for you to listen to it, to embrace it, and to nurture it into fruition.

You will recognize it, because it will resonate deeply within you, it will ignite a flame, an energetic nudge to move forward.

Each item you see in the physical world, moved through a series of choices that began with an inspirational thought, an agreement, a conversation, an embrace and an action. You can have the thought, and then it requires you to make a choice. To pay attention and to listen or to let it go.

Inspiration requires of you, commitment, devotion, dedication, discipline, desire and love. Love the idea, love the vision, and love the process.

Along with inspiration you need to believe. Believe in the vision and believe in your ability to manifest it. It may seem overwhelming, as your fears and doubts come along for the ride, chiming in, trying to protect you from getting hurt. These voices can close the process down before you even have the conversation with the inspiration. The door is closed, and inspiration must continue its search for a new receptive container.

This is not to say that we are meant to grab a hold of every idea that comes our way. There is discernment needed, to take the thought, to examine it carefully, and know within ourselves that it is meant to be created through us.

If we can know this deep within ourselves, if we can feel energized by the prospect of creation, if we feel love for the idea, and if it reflects who we are, we can then engage in the creativity process.

We will need this love and desire to propel us forward when we come across challenges, which inevitably we will, as it is part of the manifesting process.

In birthing something into the world, it is not only about creating the physical thing, it is also about our own internal process of growth. We grow new abilities, new perspectives, new problem solving skills, we grow in self awareness, and we grow in the belief in our ability to stretch ourselves into new territory, sometimes beyond our comfort zone.

As we nurture the inspiration, it nurtures us. We grow with the vision, and we move through the fears and doubts. And as it comes into fruition, we share a piece of ourselves with the world, hopefully to make it a better place.

I don’t believe that inspiration comes to you randomly, I believe it comes because it intuitively knows that you are capable.

The key is for you to know that as well. To trust in the selection process, and to discern whether the timing is right, both internally and externally, in ourselves and in our lives.

An idea is a seed being planted, and you are required to grow along with the seed. Together you find your way to through to manifestation.

You can tell yourself you can’t do something, or you can tell yourself you can. When you choose to listen to the voice that says that you can, you set in motion an agreement with inspiration. You are saying yes, I can do this, I am embracing this idea, and I will work diligently to see it through.

Ideas are opportunities.

They bring with them self-reflection, self-discovery, and self-mastery. They connect us to creation and to each other as we open ourselves up to the world of possibility.

As I embrace the thought, the idea, the vision, by saying, Yes I can, Yes it may be challenging at times, but I say Yes to this experience, I say Yes to life moving through me, and Yes I know this will change me.

I then say thank you, with gratitude and love for the thought, that came to me, giving me the opportunity to create and contribute beauty into this world.


By Linda Cooper


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