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This Easter, Save the Turtles

5 Alternatives to Disposable Easter Grass

No Easter celebration is complete without colour baskets filled with eggs, chocolate, and Easter basket grass. Plastic Easter grass is especially popular because of its vibrant colours and shiny appearance. However, plastic Easter grass does not break down, and can be eaten by turtles and other animals. Even birds will pick up the colorful grass and use it for their nests.

If you already have plastic Easter grass, try to collect it after your festivities to reuse next sure, making sure none blows away.

Otherwise, opt for paper Easter grass, or even just… grass! Rye grass is great as it’s long and thin, but any long grass will work.

Another great idea is shredded newspaper or old papers you don’t need anymore.

Or, why not put a blanket, scarf or hand towel at the bottom of your Easter baskets? Environmentally friendly and adds an extra little gift for your loved ones.

Happy Easter!


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