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The Superconscious Mind

"Hi! I am Heather Diane (Rodriguez) of Hypno Heather and Trainer & Mentor of Hypnosis Practitioners, Superconscious Mind Coach, and overall lover of going far beyond what we think is possible."

Heather Rodriguez has been practicing hypnotherapy since 2011, created the brand Hypno Heather in 2014 and has established herself as a leading force in the world of hypnosis and is accredited for building a sustainable, successful practice in Saskatchewan, Canada and now, online.

She began training others in hypnotherapy and hypnosis in 2014 and has since certified over 120 students, founded The Saskatchewan Institute of Hypnotherapy and The Saskatchewan Chapter of Hypnotherapists and created an industry of hypnosis in Saskatchewan from the ground up.

She has created an online mentoring membership called Momentum: A Hypnosis Practitioners Membership with weekly live coaching to help aspiring hypnotists stay accountable and learn advanced skills & marketing to keep their practice rolling on the way to their dreams!

Raising awareness about hypnosis and sharing it’s life-changing benefits is Heather’s passion and purpose. She brings the awe and massive respect she has for this modality to every talk, presentation, TV news show, interview, her training classes and with each individual client.

She now also brings in 3 Principles Coaching into everything she does in life which is a deeper understanding of Mind, Consciousness and Thought as an understanding of what life is and how it works

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