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The Perfect Gift Is You

If we just open ourselves up and share some love with others, we can make a better world for many.

With winter in full swing, it’s time to snuggle up in your jammies with some hot chocolate and maybe bake some goodies. Pull out a good book or put on a good movie.

For those celebrating Christmas, it will soon be time to put up your tree and start planning for the holidays. Christmas wishes are all ready for Santa. But, like last year, this Christmas will still be a struggle for some families given what we have all gone through. Lost revenues, lost jobs and so many other losses.

In past years, people scoured the stores, trying to find the perfect gift, not realizing that in some cases, that perfect gift was them. Their time, their attention, and their love for people around them and maybe even touching the lives of those they didn’t even know through a kind gesture. A smile, or a helping hand. Maybe even paying a coffee or meal forward for the next person in line.

We have so many little gifts we can share of ourselves, that we don’t even notice some of them. Yet, if we just open ourselves up and share some love with others, we can make this a better world for many. As a writer of different genres, and a life coach, working primarily, with caregivers, I am passionate about many things, and I love that I can express my passions through writing as well as give some helpful advice when needed.

For years I didn’t realize I had something to offer until I shared my work and a part of me with others and felt such gratification, knowing that what I did made a difference for somebody. Be it entertainment through my kids’ book, or words of healing.

My wish for Christmas this year is what many of us are probably feeling and that is for mankind to quickly get over this difficult time the world is experiencing so that we can find our new normal. For all of us to come together and accept our differences.

Whatever they are let’s work at making this world a better place for all. Whether it is through sharing our knowledge or skills as I do with my writing or as so many have done these past couple of years, helping us stay sane as we juggled so much.

We are all very special, so unique in our own little ways. I feel the gifts we were given were meant to be shared with the world in some way. Either on a grand scale or a smaller one. It doesn’t have to be the next great song, or invention. It can be something as simple as helping to move a heavy item into the car. I still see people who kindly hold the door open for me when I walk through. I have also seen the opposite, as people have rushed in front of seniors, almost knocking them over. What gift can you offer to the world?

Let’s all do a little something for not only those we love this year but for humanity, for this earth. Let’s give a little bit of ourselves to make this world as peaceful and harmonious as we can so that those that come after us have as beautiful a world to live in as we have been able to enjoy in our lifetime here on earth. Let’s just give a little bit of love to each person we can in whatever way we know how to. Even if it still is through masks and at a distance. Our smiles can be seen through our eyes. And a kind gesture can make someone’s day.

Never forget that you are the perfect gift to mankind. You with all your knowledge, all your smiles and infectious giggles or funny jokes. You who are loving and caring and sharing a piece of you with someone else that just needs some love, some human interaction, some knowledge you can unlock and share.

The warmth of our love can go beyond those hugs many of us have been all longing to have. Just by you sharing a piece of yourself in so many different ways. That’s all the world needs. Just a small piece of YOU.

Shine your light.

You can check out some of my work through the magazine’s website, or by visiting my Facebook pages or by sending me an email.

Happy Holidays everyone, and may you find happiness and love in every corner you turn.


S. R. John, Author / Life Coach


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