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The New Event Horizon

Channeling December 28, 2020

In the will and the ways, we are here, in the darkness we are here, and it is revealed that we want to help you uncover and unlock the codes to your new event horizon. The precipice at which we are all standing on as a human species comes along at a time when the whole collective is shining forth and shining their light up to the heavens. You’re beginning to ask for the rays to come through, to shine through and outwards to the collective of beings that are joining forces now. This is being sent out to the many and mass who are requiring guidance love and hope and this time in their lives.

The stormy weather so to say has been blowing up and around for some time now and the people of the many are sitting up and questioning the light passages on the roads for which they have travelled. The light beings have been opening up the portals and are spreading love and joy throughout the cosmos at a time when the societies have been eating up what the news projects out to them. We want to say that we have heard your whispers and we have heard your screams in the anguish some have been feeling. The insecurities have been taking hold in the hearts of many. We are here to assure you that the monumental love and support coming to you now is astronomical.

You may not see this white light of divineness coming through to each and every one of you now, but they are coming through in ways you could only imagine, but at this point of view where we stand, we can see and witness the energy encircling your planet and yourselves, we see the magic streamlining down and entering your crown chakras and beaming down your spine. We are guiding this light force to help you sit and be grounded in your daily activities and affairs.

To sit put at this time is beneficial and is rounding out the sharp edges that have been coming off the creases of your aura and allowing the waving of your energy fields to be shaped like an oval wand around your body. The centering of your chakras is attracting the light to be spread out within your auric field and out the next dimensional bodies which are existing in all the dimensions in this plane at this time. The vortexes of energy coming through the chakra systems are all being lined up and are encircling all your releasing emotions and are allowing for the healing vibrations to enter each of your organ systems and into your cells where the miraculous healing is taking place.

The journey of the light body though each dimensional shift is increasing with time and space. And the energy vortexes have been the key in the encoding of the light into every crevice of your being from the top to the bottom. Mother earths energy has been shifting and allowing you to ground even further into the energy vibrations she is putting out and reverberating around the planet now. The 5d energy shift are encoding a new passageway to the rainbow bridge of the next vibrational shift into the new earth where these messages are being encoded into all of your cells. The momentum of this is increasing and all of mankind is now feeling this in their waking and sleeping hours.

These messages are secrets no more and the newly awakened ones have felt this deep in their souls and are feeling and noticing this within the tips of their fingers and to their toes. Even if they are unaware of what this all means. They feel and are uncovering so much more of there deeply seeded emotions from this lifetime and from the past. Emotions are coming up and they are being processed so much quicker now. People may be feeling like the roller coaster of emotions are coming up, but they too will come to pass as these feelings are now being allowed to be felt and sat with. The true knowing comes in revelations as these feeling are being cleared and sent out to be transmuted into a golden beam of light. They are being reverberated back to mother earth and backout to the cosmos once again to join in our everlasting lifeforce that we speak of and feel.

The energetic bodies are being prepared and set out in trans dimensional directions to encompass our whole collective of love, feelings of gratitude and peace amongst us all. The beginning of this great shift has been broadcasted loud and clear. Many are searching for new ways to embody this and explore and find ways to enjoy their lives with grace and ease. This pattern will continue to be surging out to the masses where they too will sit and decipher this new meaning of feeling alive and living out this great experience of life.

This great experience is upon us all now and the generations to come will sit in honour of the true ways we have begun to live our lives and it will take strength and courage to be of the upcoming magnificent beings of light. -The beings we have always been meant to be! Living in full purposefulness of seeing the truth that has been deeply encapsulated in our hearts and our souls. This is to be recaptured and spread out through every cell and emotion of our very beings.

Take hold and take stalk of where we all are now and let’s stand together in kindness, gratitude, strength. Manifest and bring forth the true happiness, abundance and hope for the upcoming years and remember that our whole existence is love and we are all one. And in kindness and grace and blessing of light and love amen


Melissa is a true healer, physically, energetically, and spiritually. For m any years, Melissa sensed her angels and guides around her and has received channeled messages which she has recorded and published. This work has helped m any receive com fort and light while on t heir Light Pat h Transit ion. No one is alone and it is Melissa?s passion t o ensure t hat all who are in pain, know t hat t here is always someone whet her, here or beyond t hat is helping t hem heal at a soul level.

Melissa is a Spiritual Channeler, Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Reiki Mast er, Psychic Medium, and Essenian assist ant healer. Melissa has been trained as a Reiki Mast er and Registered Practical Nurse and has recently trained in Medical Office Assistant . She is also a contributing writer to A Beautiful Life magazine and speaks on m any topics t o spread t he knowledge that we are all one and we are all connect ed within our heart opening awareness. Contact Melissa


Facebook: True Beings Of Light Intuitive Healing

Instagram : misslissad

Twitter: kisslissad

Linked in : Melissa Downard

Mobile: 905 866 7424

Please message me to connect for guidance and healing in these new challenging times. Join m e for a soul purpose reading where your guides can help you thrive in these times. Find out what they want you to know! I AM OFFERING A SPECIAL PRICE FOR READINGS, REIKI ENERGY HEALINGS AND MEDITATION AND INTUITION CLASSES AT THIS TIME.

Always in the light Melissa T. Downard

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