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The Illusion of Knowing

A Poem for all You Seekers

Like many of you, I’ve been on the spiritual path, seeking enlightenment for what feels like forever. Often I feel like the truth is eluding me. I wrote this poem for all those Seekers out there.


Words, concepts, programs.

Circle around me.


Information at my fingertips.

The Illusion of Knowing.

Promises of Enlightenment.

Prosperity and wellbeing.

At the end of the rainbow.

Frustration and angst.

At not finding it.


More words, concepts, programs.

'Aha!' moments.

Information at my fingertips.

The Illusion of Knowing.

Doing, doing, doing.

Meditating, fasting, journaling.

Motivational quotes.

Spiritual forums.

The comfort of belonging.

The Illusion of Knowing.

Where is the rainbow?

The pot of gold?

The Enlightenment?

That the dancing Leprechauns.

Promise me?

As they pocket my money.


The answer is.

Tugging at my heart.

It wants me to listen.

To be silent.

To face myself.

It seems so easy.

It’s so hard.

Finding the silence.

In the noise.

Words, concepts, programs.

The Illusion of Knowing.

I keep searching.

For the rainbow.

Paying dancing Leprechauns.

For the Illusion of Knowing.

The answer’s waiting.


For the silence.

When will I choose?

When you choose?




Petra Williams

Petra's a dedicated humanist with an insatiable drive to help people live their truth. An international talk show host, podcaster, speaker, and transformational travel business owner.

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

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