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The Healing Powers of Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue Lagoon, also referred to as “a geothermal gift,” is known for its large quantities of minerals, silica, and microalgae. Silica has been said to combat dry skin, ease joint pain, and keep organs healthy, and microalgae is said to strengthen the heart, lower cholesterol, and tone and hydrate skin. According to, “Blue Lagoon Water is endowed with astonishing restorative powers. The site notes that the water “has brought health, healing, happiness, and wellbeing to visitors from all over the world” for over 30 years.

The water’s warm temperature opens your pores and allows for maximum healing says that “Regular sampling shows that “common” bacteria do not thrive in this ecosystem, thus additional cleansers such as chlorine are not needed.” This only adds to the healing powers of this water, because only positive, healthy minerals will touch you.

When planning your next vacation, look no further than Blue Lagoon, Iceland. Its beauty and healing powers make for a fun and powerful place to go.


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