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The Gift of Caring

What to Put in a Holiday Care Package

A holiday care package is a beautiful way to show someone you care this season. You can give a care package directly to someone in need or to your local shelter, where they can give your items to a person who is there. Remember to put everything in a clear zip bag so the items are easily identifiable. Or, like recommends, place the items in a backpack. If you are giving anything liquid, place it in a zipped bag by itself before placing it in the bigger reusable zip bag, so it doesn’t break and get all over the other items. Adding a Christmas card (or handwritten note) to your package adds a nice touch, letting the receiver of the package know that someone is thinking of them during a difficult time. Customize your care package with any of the pieces below:

-Wool socks*


-Beef jerky

-Water bottle


-Lip balm

-Tim Hortons gift card


-Feminine products (Pads)*

-Pet Food

-Baby wipes


-Travel coffee mug

-A heartfelt, handwritten Holiday Card

*Most needed products

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