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The Essentials to Living Well

Oxygen We need to supply our bodies with clean Oxygen because it is the fundamental key that allows all of our cells the capacity to build themselves in the way that they need to be for optimal health. Many types of breathing are needed at various times. The complete breath is life-giving. Hydration Can't say enough about the importance of not only drinking enough water but making sure it is clean water. Up to 64 ounces or more for most people is adequate. Your body is similar in a sense by analogy to a battery – if you do not have proper hydration, your cells can burn out, short out and you can become in a sense dry like a battery and cease to function, cease to become electrically conductive. Movement Movement allows the muscles to function as pumps for the cellular structures and the water will flush the toxins from the system. You will experience energetic revitalization and strengthening of the muscular and skeletal structures. Stress Reduction Many of our so-called symptoms that attribute to the beginnings of dis-ease are simply nothing more than the side effects of unnecessary stress in our lives. Look for ways to reduce your stress. If you need some ideas please ask me! Elimination of Toxins Toxins may already be in your system, so removal of the toxins from the environment you are in – cleansing of the system from the buildup of toxins is also critical. There are many different kinds of cleansing rituals that you can do to allow the system to be cleaned out from the build-up that may have occurred over time and to remove from the body many different kinds of heavy metal poisonings. Please pay attention to what you put in your body in terms of the pesticides and the heavy metal toxicity that exists with our food. Rest and Sleep Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout your life. Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect your mental health, physical health and quality of life. Rest when your body says rest. Sleep plays an important role in your physical health in the healing and repair of your heart, blood vessels and brain health. Food Lightening up our diet will help our bodies. Eating more food that contains higher amounts of water such as vegetables that are mostly water just like your body, and eaten in a raw, fresh state, as organic as possible will also be of great assistance in lightening up your energy and allowing for cleansing of your system. Small amounts for certain individuals where necessary protein, even in meat form is acceptable from time to time, but please do not overdo it.

By changing your lifestyle and making sure your body has these foundational things it needs, the body in and of itself has the natural intelligence to never bring about diseases if you simply supply it with the immediate natural fuels that it needs, which are oxygen and water, lack of stress, movement, rest and sleep and lightening up your diets. (taken from Bashar writings)

If you have any questions or concerns please ask!

Here's to your Optimal Health...

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