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The Difference Between Grieving & Mourning

Let my grief turn into mourning and my mourning turn

into everlasting, joyful memories, of you. – Helen

Grief is the inward expression of your feelings and mourning is the outward expression of your feelings when you have experienced a deep loss.

Initially your grief will manifest as a deep inner pain, this is normal and to be expect. However, in order to begin your healing process, the act of physical mourning is necessary. Holding onto your internal grief over the long-term and not allowing yourself permission to begin to mourn your loss is both dangerous and destructive. There are many reasons one may find themselves “stuck” in the internal grief cycle and while there is no right or wrong way to grieve, there is a healthy process to the grief journey.

Some of the ways you can begin to move forward and express your mourning: crying and talking about the deceased pet with a trusting family member or friend, journaling, letter, poetry or blog writing, having a memoriam or any form of artistic expression that you are comfortable with.

Sadly, many pet-parents feel judged and embarrassed by their grief and are reluctant to express it externally. They find themselves feeling overwhelmingly alone, hiding from family and friends and struggling to let go of the grief. It is imperative to surround yourself with a support system who will give you the freedom to mourn your pet’s loss without any condemnation. This can be one person, a group or even an autonomous support network online.

Should you find yourself ill at ease with sharing with family and/or friends, there are specialized counsellors such as myself and many support resources like pet loss forums, books and information websites available to tenderly shepherd and encourage you through mourning your loss. You do not have to go through it alone.

I am here to help, because I truly care.


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