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Taking You Beyond the Negative Belief Systems Which Hold You Back

My expertise lies in freeing women from feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Taking them from Stress and Struggle to Success. Creating Freedom, Fulfilment and Fun, in their Business, Career and Relationships.

Clients who work with me become Calm, Confident and Inspired. Quietening the mind and creating space to gain clarity and focus. Becoming solutions and ideas orientated. Allowing them to be Bold in their Business or Career and in their Personal Life. Gaining Success, Financial Reward and feeling Fulfilled, Living Life on Their Terms. We are born to Flourish, Why Not You!! I offer One on One Online Coaching, with an option to upgrade to a fabulous Solo Retreat, designed just for you. Group Workshops & Courses, a year Long Master Mind Program, Magical Spiritual Retreats, all so you can thrive and flourish. I use powerful super-fast transformation tools and guidance.

Going beyond mindset and mindfulness, taking you beyond the negative belief systems which hold you back. I live my dream life in Italy with my partner Dom and our dog Poppy, loving the business I have created. I am truly passionate about showing women how to live their dream life. If it’s possible for me why not you!!

"Jen's expansive vision, broad perspective, and laser-like intuition cut immediately to your core issues enabling you to clearly see what has been in your way. By your side with compassion, grace, and practical tools, Jenny assists you in creating the life you have always dreamed of". -Christine Powers, New York

Jennifer Evans

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