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Take a Trip To: The Valley of the Moon, Jordan

The Valley of the Moon, more commonly known as Wadi Rum, is a protected area located in southern Jordan, east of Aqaba. It is a valley that is made of sandstone and granite, and hieroglyphs have been found in the stone dating back to Thamudic times! The area has been long inhabited by Bedouins (my ancestors!) and still is, to this day. The Bedouins have climbed the sandstone for generations, and now many rock climbers come to Wadi Rum from around the world to follow the same climbing paths and enjoy the scenery.

If rock climbing is not your thing, how about sleeping under the stars? When in Wadi Rum, you can have an authentic Bedouin experience and spend the night in a traditional camp, eating traditional foods, and hearing stories of the Bedouin people.

The Bedouins are a nomadic tribe from the desert regions of Arabia, North Africa, and surrounding area. Jordanian Bedouins arrived in Jordan around the 14th and 18th centuries, some of them making their way to Wadi Rum! The Zalabieh tribe is known to be the inhabitants of the land, and until recently they mainly relied on goat/animal herding – now, alongside herding, tourism brings prosperity into the area.

You can get to Wadi Rum by a guided utility truck tour, or with a private driver. If you make your way to Wadi Rum, be sure to be mindful of the natural wonder – over the years, human interference has caused some decay of the natural environment. Now, the officials at Wadi Rum have safeguards in place to protect from further erosion and to preserve the wonder for years to come.

“I was in awe of that place. It was really, really special. One of the most spectacular and beautiful places I have ever seen, and like nothing I’ve ever seen anywhere else on Earth.” – Matt Damon, who filmed Martian in Wadi Rum.

Photo credit: Rinaldo Vadi, Andrea Leopardi, Anton Lecock, Konstantinos Kaskanis


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