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Surrender, Let Go....

Living in our world today we can feel the effects of stress, overworking ourselves or not getting enough rest. Taking the steps to increase our health and vitality can help us all to start living to our full potential in the way we were meant to live. If we can learn to go within and to truly feel from our insides, from the heart, then we can start giving our soul what it truly needs. Love, compassion, kindness and some nurturing. We can attain mental clarity and start to use our real guidance system of our own intuition. We can re-learn to trust ourselves, our decisions and find better ways to help our families and loved ones. We can get back to our true nature, our true feelings of love and share this with all of man kind.

By reconnecting with spirit, our true source, we can come to realization that we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience here on earth. All of us have a grand plan to learn throughout this lifetime. Everything we do is in the divine plan. There is no right or wrong, it is of duality that we live, learn, grow and expand our consciousness. Through learning to surrender and let go of what no longer serves us in this lifetime, we can move forward toward the next day with love and appreciation for what we have in our lives. Having gratitude for all the blessings that enrich our lives everyday. When we realize this, we can rejoice and enjoy our family, friends and loved ones even more - this includes the ones who have passed over. They may not be here physically, but their spirit and their true forms stay with us. Know that they are here guiding us every day along our journey, we will be reunited one day!

Please contact Melissa to connect with your loved ones, spirit guides and angels.

I also offer Gift certificates that make great stocking stuffer for Readings and Reiki treatments!

When your planning your next holiday party ,consider gathering up your friends and colleagues for a group reading. I offer a few packages.

If your ready to begin to open up to your intuition and awareness, contact Melissa today to find out more about her teaching programs.


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