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Soul Full Camp Retreats

Soul Full Camp: Fill Your Whole Heart as You Nourish Your Mind, Body and Spirit so That You Can Experience the Fulfillment You Desire

Each year, Soul Full Camp helps hundreds of women, just like you, create change in their lives.

Soul Full Camp is an immersive three-day experience filled with moments of awareness, letting go, finding courage, connection, community and self-acceptance.

Co-Founders Heather DelRosario and Jenny McKee have designed Signature Soul Sessions that are a highlight of the Soul Full Camp Experience.

In 2022 we are offering six different camp experiences at multiple properties across Ontario.

Each Soul Full Camp experience features unique opportunities to nourish your mind, body and spirit in breakout sessions led by artists, musicians, authors, spiritual practitioners, energy healers, movement, personal growth and development specialists from all over Ontario.

What continues to draw women from across the province (many of them choosing to attend multiple camp experiences per year) is our commitment and dedication to providing a safe, non-judgmental community where you are free to explore and be your authentic self.

Give yourself the gift of space as you reclaim your sense of self in this season of your life.

Learn more about Soul Full Camp Retreats:


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