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Shining Your Light This Holiday

Allow the holiday’s spirit to motivate you!

With so much out of our control during these difficult and challenging times, there’s never a better time to take your well beaning and vitality into your own hands.

Find your inner peace, especially since the holidays are around the corner.

Allow the holiday’s spirit motivate you, guide you to find inner peace and joy from within you, after all, that what holidays should be, this is the time when we should put a pause on the hustle and bustle in our life that distracted us from focusing on our true happiness and joy so we can reflect it to other. If we can take that time and make it into a meditation time to connect with God, the divine to Channel what we are in need to be in aliment with ourselves and the universe. To learn to love the people that are important to us and around us, how to communicate and share happy times tougher. To learn to appreciate all that we have, and to be thankful for that.

Let’s start with learning to center the light inside by imagining the brighter stronger divine light coming directly to us and around us, take that light in a circular motion and clear any darkness you feel inside and around you.

Learn to always focus on what you can control in life and never west your time on what you can’t control (like what if, the why… waiting for an answer great advice I'll give you here, if the answer doesn’t come voluntarily don’t west your time waiting and focusing all your energy and tension in waiting , move on, it will come in the right time. And don’t look into the future).

Learn to live in the present moment: Don’t dowel on the past (on what you had, what you were) or overwhelm yourself with the future. Don’t think what should have been done yesterday! or what's gonna happen tomorrow.

Focus on the present time, take each day as it comes that way you can enjoy each moment much more and learn to appreciate those moments as they happen.

Learn to forgive: the ability to forgive is crucial for you to move on from the past. Not being able to forgive others will be heavy as a rock on your heart, that will be stopping your stream of love and joy in your life, that will lead to a dry unhappy life.

Forgiveness is part of the letting go, that is the most important lesson. By letting go it will open you up to healing, growth and possibility.

Learn to accept: There’s things, situation, people around you, You need to accept them as they are. Even if you trying to change them, as much as you want and trying to change them but no change happening. Sometimes you need to accept their well and it is up to them not you. You do the best you can, do your part and let it be. accept that not always things are in your control.

Learn to believe in yourself, to be proud of who you are, recognize the beauty in yourself. And you must understand that you and only you have the power to change anything in your life and only you have control over your life and never allow anyone control your life.

Let’s make this holiday all about shining the lights on ourselves and finding inner peace, love, spiritual growth, and having a joyful time with those you love. And to be thankful for everything you have in your life and who you have in your life.

May peace, light, love. Joy, spiritual growth be your way this holiday.

With peace, Lina Gantous- Intuitive Advanced Energy Healing

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