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Release the Emotional Vibrations Which Constrict Us!

There are a wide range of vibrational energies we may experience in a day, a month, a year, a lifetime. They include, but are not limited to, such emotions resulting from our feelings of love, anger, desire, joy, and even grief. Certain emotional vibrations raise our human experience whilst others can keep us in a space of distress.

On December 21, 2020, the night of winter solstice, the Christmas Star[i] was seen for the first time since 1623. This phenomenon was the result of two of the largest planets in our solar system, Jupiter and Saturn, aligning in what has been described as the Great Conjunction[ii] or the beginning of the Age of Aquarius[iii].

With the birth of the Age of Aquarius it has been predicted there will be a rise in our collective energies as we steer towards a new way of working together, with the focus being the good of our community. We are being called to a higher purpose; to be in service to others. We are learning how to trade “me” for “we” and with this shift, we are being asked to take personal responsibility for our contribution.

What type of vibration will we bring with us and how do we contribute?

First, let us review how our individual energies affect the collective. Every emotion we have carries a vibrational frequency. The best way for us to understand the energy connected to our emotions is to reference The Emotional Vibrational Frequency Codes created by Dr. David R. Hawkins.

Basically, our emotions can be divided into two categories. Those emotions which have us feeling contractive such as shame (20), guilt (30), apathy (40), grief (75), and fear (100). Other vibrational frequencies allow us to feel more expansive such as neutrality (250), willingness (310), acceptance (350), and love (500). The point of change is marked by courage which resonates at a frequency of 200.

Unfortunately, many of us have been conditioned to hold onto to our lower vibrational emotions and as a result, few of us are aware we have stored them within. We have also been taught to distract ourselves from these lower vibrational energies and, in most cases, we wait for time to heal the disappointments of the past. Our bodies were designed to be processing plants not storage facilities. The longer we hold onto these lower frequencies, the lower our natural energy levels.

We are unable to change any of this until we are aware the situation exists.

Grief is one of the most commonly stored emotions. Our Western society does not want to discuss grief. Every 10 years we label it as something different. It was burnout in the 60s, pressure in the 70s, stress in the 80s, and anxiety in the 90s. Depression is what we most often refer to it as today. Letting go begins by labeling our emotions.

Our body will do just about anything to get our attention and release these lower vibrational emotions. It is through awareness, and the correct actions, we are able to raise our vibrational frequency and therefore have different experiences. Most of us would willingly choose to “let go” if only we knew how.

Many of us may not realize we are feeling the emotions of unresolved grief. For some it may have been an emotional loss associated with the death of a loved one. For others it could be a change in what was familiar, the loss of freedom, the loss of health, or even the loss of rituals such as a formal graduation ceremony.

Grief is almost always about the things we wished had been different, unrealized dreams, or unsaid communications. The knowledge of how different emotions effect our energy and state of wellbeing can help us to improve our awareness regarding the importance of elevating our emotional state.

Labeling the emotions is one way to move forward. However, for many of us, facing the pain of our past is difficult. Most people must get to the point where they are no longer able to live with the pain they have been carrying around. At this stage they are willing to do whatever it takes to be free of their past.

It doesn’t have to be this way and yet it does. As human beings most of us need a crisis to implement change because our subconscious mind sees change as a threat. It is our subconscious minds job to keep us safe and alive. Maintaining the status quo is the best way to do this.

Being aware we are carrying pain, or lower frequencies, is only half of the equation. In order to experience something different we must take action. Much like a flat tire, we wouldn’t sit alongside of the road and wait for it to inflate. We would take action by calling a tow truck, a friend, or changing the tire ourselves. The same can be said for the lower frequency emotions of grief.

2021 is the time we are being encouraged to release these lower frequencies; to find the courage to move up Dr. David Hawkins emotional scale; and to align with this higher planetary energy.

Are you willing to take personal responsibility for your contribution? Will you resonate on a higher emotional frequency and allow yourself to intentionally contribute in an expansive manner to this global community? The Grief Recovery Method program successfully teaches us how to raise our emotional state of being and release the emotional vibrations which constrict us.

The Age of Aquarius is calling all of us to a higher purpose. Healing the wounds of our past is one of the ways we can achieve this. When we are free from our emotional burdens it clears the way for our greatness to rise. Be the change!


Tammy Adams, Certified Coach Practitioner offering support, in-person or online, Canada-wide.

She is certified in The Grief Recovery Method®, Personality Dimensions™, Reiki, Access Bars®, and Mindfulness. To learn more about the services she offers, book a 20-minute free phone consult, or visit her service tab on her website at


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