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Recognizing Bipolar Disorder Symptoms

If you are a parent or you have a loved one who expresses these behavioral symptoms then please read and share. You may save their life and give them hope to love and live again.

ADHD is also as far as I am concerned an early warning sign and do know that our loved ones are very smart and talented however they do not know how to express themselves and they are hungry for attention which can lead to bipolar if it is ignored. Some people call it the middle child syndrome however I believe that there is also a legit chemical unbalance in the brain as well. I have found that the B-12 sublingual works very well

There may come a time when a person needs to determine if a loved one needs to seek help for his or her problems. In fact, there may come a time for many when it is important to be able to recognize bipolar disorder symptoms.

Bipolar disorder symptoms fall into three main categories. These are manic symptoms, psychotic symptoms, and depressive bipolar disorder symptoms. If several of these symptoms are occurring, it may be time to go in for a consultation.

Manic bipolar disorder symptoms are numerous. They all share a certain feeling, though. Everything is faster, grander, and generally bigger than life. A person in a manic state may be much more active than usual. He or she may think and talk faster than he or she usually does. Everything about that person is exaggerated, including his or her overwhelming feeling of self-importance.

Such a person may have grand schemes and adventures in the works. When these plans don't pan out, that person will generally point and point the blame on some extraneous factor if, in fact, he or she takes the time to consider it at all. The cause vs effect theory goes out the window period and there is no logic to it as far as they are concerned. Usually, it's simply off to the next idea. These are not just whimsical behaviors but are actually bipolar disorder symptoms.

When manic, people tend to be reckless. They can end up doing things that affect their personal relationships or may go so far as to land them in jail. This may be seen by someone who is not alert to bipolar disorder symptoms as simply a problem with their conduct. The truth is that those people probably need treatment to do better. It isn't just a matter of making up one's mind to do the right thing.

There are also physical bipolar disorder symptoms of mania that may be quite obvious. A person who feels little or no need for food or sleep may turn out to be in a manic state. While some may be able to function this way, at least for a while, most of us need rest and sustenance to maintain ourselves.

Psychotic bipolar disorder symptoms come mostly with mania, but can come often with mixed moods and occasionally with depressive bipolar disorder symptoms. Psychosis merely refers to a break with reality. This can come in the form of hallucinations, both auditory (hearing voices, etc.) and visual. Delusions, or false beliefs, are also bipolar disorder symptoms. For example, a person may falsely believe that he or she is actually some famous historical figure.

During the depression, bipolar disorder symptoms can often be easily seen if one is willing to look carefully. Apathy may be a sign of depression, but other clues are even more telling. Indecisiveness and low self-esteem seem to go hand in hand with depressive bipolar symptoms.

Physical bipolar disorder symptoms of depression include fatigue, weight gain or loss, and eating or sleeping more or less than usual. The person who is displaying bipolar disorder symptoms of depression seems to be telling the world that he or she simply doesn't care enough to take good physical care.

One should never look for trouble where there is none. There is no need to be afraid of any slight variation in the moods or habits of a loved one. However, if things just don't seem right, it doesn't hurt to be able to recognize bipolar disorder symptoms.

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