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Our Top 10 Favourite Christmas Songs by Canadian Artists

What better way to celebrate the season than with some awesome (Canadian) Christmas music?

Here at A Beautiful Life, we love a good dance party. And what better way to celebrate the season than with some awesome Christmas music? Unfortunately we can't get together this year, but we can still lift our spirits by jamming out to some Holiday tunes. And nobody does music better than Canadians! So, I've put together our top Christmas picks from our Favourite Canadian Artists. Scroll down, listen, and enjoy!

Suzie McNeil - This Is Christmas

This is our favourite song of all time - Canadian or otherwise. Give it a listen and it will quickly become your favourite too! The drums, the sleigh bells, the lyrics... the perfect Christmas song.

Emma-Lee - It Won't Be Christmas

I actually just discovered this song this year, and it has quickly become a regular on my playlist. It's cute, it's fun and will quickly have you singing along! It has a retro sound and I love how she brings in classic Christmas song titles into her lyrics. And so fitting if you're not able to spend Christmas with your love this year.

Bryan Adams - Joe And Mary

This song has a cool '50s vibe and tells the story of the night of Jesus' birth. Pretty awesome if you ask me!

Serena Ryder- Calling to Say

This song is a now a Canadian Christmas classic. No Canadian playlist is complete if you're not singing along to this catchy tune. I especially love the bridge of this good!

Tyler Shaw - Silent Night

This song a great update on a classic tune. Someone commented that his voice sounds great on Christmas songs, and I have to agree!

Justin Bieber - Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Ok, I LOVE this video. I have to watch it every year 'cause it's just so cute! It features an animated Justin helping Kris Kringle and Topper from the Santa Claus is Comin to Town movie deliver presents to children. It helps that the song is super catchy, and the fact that it samples the Jackson 5 is what makes it sound so good.

Carly Rae Jepsen - Mittens

Mittens is a super cute song that gives you all the warm and fuzzy Christmas vibes. Perfect for grabbing your SO and sharing a romantic slow dance.

Blue Rodeo - O Come All Ye Faithful

Another modern version of a classic. It has that classic Blue Rodeo sound which I love. It's also got a bit of a 60's things going on, which makes it even better.

Meaghan Smith - Christmas Time is Here

This jazzy classic just sounds like the Christmas season. It's smooth, fun, and makes you feel like you wanna go for a walk in the snow.

Glass Tiger - Give Love For Christmas

And to wrap up our list, We've got a brand new track by Glass Tiger. It is very fitting for the times. We could all give a little love this season! "Celebrate life / Celebrating the joy of humankind" is just some of the beautiful lyrics in this song. There is a great message in this song - if we embrace the giving nature of Christmas, we will feel peace in sharing love with others.

What's your favourite Canadian Christmas song?

Krista Hannesen

Editor in Chief - A Beautiful Life Magazine

Instagram: @kristahannesen


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