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Opening Up To Your Intuition And Awareness 10 Week Program Starting Monday April 3rd 10 am to 12pm

Are you ready to transform your life? Join me in this 10-week program to connect with your inner guidance to gain clarity on your life journey and soul purpose. Learn how to open up your intuition and awareness, through self-healing and release of negative thought patterns. Sign up today to save your spot. Click the link below

As I share techniques and tools to reduce stress and anxiety, you will begin to overcome and remove blockages in your life. I will guide you through the steps to awaken your intuition to the magic of the power within your true self. Your journey begins now. Each week I will lead you through a new module

1. Welcome Get to know Your coach Melissa Intuition Meditation Breathwork and Prana 2. Grounding, Centering and Protection 3. Chakras 4. Mantras 5. Global Coherence 6. Auras 7. Spirit Guides, Spirit Animals and Archangels 8. Crystals 9. Spiritual Abilities 10. Psychometry Bonus -Letter to your past self with a list of exercises and journaling. As each week continues, I will help you learn to trust in the process as you begin to see the depth in what you are able to access and how truly magical you really are!

I offer my classes and programs in person or online over Zoom. I will send out a new module each week for you to help prepare yourself.

If you’re interested in learning more, please give us a call or email Melissa at We look forward to hearing from you. I am offering this program in the day time , If you are interested in Wednesday evening classes please inquire about future dates.

Sign up at the special price of $255.00 via Paypal below, or via e-transfer to


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