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Nurturing Your Intuitive Creativity

‘Art is art, nature is nature, you cannot improve upon it. Pictures should be inspired by nature, but made in the soul of the artist. It is the soul of the individual that counts.’ Emily Carr Canadian Artist/Writer

One of my favorite ‘cosmic’ conversations with clients is how intuition can play a role in trusting their decision making. Making big moves, changing lifestyle habits or deciding if any relationship is sustainable is always worth unpacking on an intuitive level to gain more confidence moving forward. Exploring your different types of intuition can be like taking a tour of your personal art museum. Relationship coaching and holistic therapies can open to rooms of more mindful living and intuitive practice. Trusting your intuitive answers allows you to apply more personal insight onto your emotional well-being canvas. My hunch is you got your museum ticket, so let's get on with the tour!

Our first stop is a grand room filled with brass ‘larger than life’ sculptures representing generations of all ages. According to experts, our body is considered a direct source for our intuition. Connecting your mind to your body is called a somatic experience and it’s a practice of physical intuition. According to Reiki Master Renee Edwards, our bodies ‘create a direct channel to source our healing energy.’ She explains, ‘along with healing energy comes a stronger connection to all that is; we are all energy, we are all one.’ Are you feeling ‘all one’ with the room? Spending time with the sculpture exhibit, perhaps you begin to think about the emotions and feelings behind the sculptures. Thinking about the artist is tapping into your social intuition. Looking at the sculpture’s body and facial expression may give you a clue. Relationship experts agree, the most direct way to confirm any gut feeling is to have a direct conversation. It might seem useless to ask the sculpture, ‘How are you feeling?’ However, this is a creative example of how to practice intuition. It can also connect to inner child energy. It’s important to note the inner voice that answers back may be projecting your own feelings. This is a win-win by indirectly connecting you to the relationship with yourself and how you are feeling consciously or subconsciously.

A hallway takes us to the next room full of murals and tapestries with a variety of patterns. Just looking at all of these different patterns in one space might feel overwhelming at first. Which pattern intuitively draws you in? According to research psychologists, patterns represent the mechanics of the mental process of intuition. Acting as a memory filter, these unconscious patterns up in our brains are intelligent and logic based. Research proves it’s not so much guessing as it is recalling what has happened to you before. As a relationship and energy coach, I have the ability to use my past coaching experiences and rely strongly on my gut instinct to offer suggestions to my clients. Renee Edwards explains, ‘I also feel sensations in my body, which gives me an inner knowing of what is happening to my client’s body. This guides me to where I need to place my hands in order to direct the healing energy’. The same process applies when I am working with the energy of crystals and minerals. I started using them intuitively and this fuelled my intuitive alignment to study the theory and metaphysical properties behind them. This is a good example of mystical intuition. I have no reasoning behind why I started bringing these into my practice. I like to say, ‘They found me’.

‘To me the most important thing in a piece of art is the thought. The technique is secondary.’ Robert Bateman, Canadian Artist

Going up a circular ramp staircase the room opens up a blend of photographic art and paintings of nature. The entire room is covered in natural elements. You might get the sense you have just walked into a living room of art. Here’s your chance to practice the most popular genre of intuition, sensing and emotion. Kenesha Lewis, photographer and artist, explains her intuitive process affirming ‘as I engage in photography my creative intuition becomes a powerful guiding force. It leads me to immerse myself in the moment, connecting deeply with my surroundings and subjects. Trusting my instincts, I intuitively sense the perfect angles, lighting and compositions, capturing images that evoke emotions and tell compelling stories. My intuition allows me to anticipate fleeting moments, enabling me to seize the essence of a scene before it vanishes. It empowers me to break free from conventional norms, exploring innovative perspectives that add a unique touch to my work.’

As you walk down the ramp consider taking a gutsy step asking an important person in your life what their intuition is communicating. This is a trust building step that can bring even more validation to your decisions. Social intuition used in this manner can only strengthen the relationship and continue even more healthy, healing conversations. Starting out as a beginner or mentoring with the masters recognizing the genres of your creative intuition can add to the fulfillment in your life and those around you. I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Photo credit: Kenesha Lewis 

Ginny Connon is a certified relationship coach, clairaudient and keynote speaker on resilience. She specializes in empowering sensitivities, listening and energetic cleansing for home and businesses. Follow her Instagram Instagram @gutsyclair and Facebook Page: Balance and Bracelets for more emotional well-being Gutsy Tips and Hints to balance your holistic portfolio. Visit or contact for coaching, clairaudience and energetic cleansing availability.

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