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New Earth Numerology Report for June

"Thomas Burakowski, Author."

Ah, June, still springtime. The temperature is ideal, bright sunlight in the sky, the flowers are blooming, and life is good. June is the 6th month, and 6 resonates with family and the Gemini season. We think of Gemini as the twins. One twin can be earthly and one heavenly. It can be an obvious insight and reminder that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We can also see this astrological sign as divided between past and present or between positive and negative. When the dates of 6/6, 6/15, and 6/24 appear, we are vibrating at an amplified version of the family energy. 6/6 is the expanded level of the family. It brings our attention to another generation of the family where we can see the patterns in Grandparents and their siblings and how they reflect on us in the present. Reflecting on my family growing up for many years, I focused on the difficulties, the stress, the challenging issues, and the grief. That wasn't fair or the big picture. We must remind ourselves that we chose this family and the opportunity to embrace these challenges and grow in consciousness. Our soul is on a journey to expanded awareness, and the way to achieve that is to experience all the family provides.

June 1, Mercury begins to emerge from retrograde. It is seen as the messenger of the gods. Look for subconscious communication that has been trying to bust through.

June 3, Sagittarius full moon. This full moon is calling us to make time to enjoy all the work we have been doing. Lighten up, be open to playing, and make room for adventure, creating the joy hormone within each of us.

June 5-6, Venus enters Leo. Pay close attention to financial matters and notice how you are dealing with heart issues. There will be clues for how these matters play out in the next couple of months.

June 17, Gemini new moon. There is a sweet and kind energy that can impact love and friendships, and it is also there to trigger reminders to nurture self-love. At this time, Saturn goes retrograde, and it is known as the Lord of Karma and a master teacher. Ask yourself, am I ready and willing to look at the effects of my action? "Don't worry, Be happy." New moon energy is here to assist.

June 19-20, Venus enters her underground phase as she begins her retrograde journey. Be prepared to accept what is revealed about matters of the heart.

June 21st, Summer Solstice, the beginning of the summer season. A time of prosperity, rejuvenation of our vitality and strength. It is essential to show gratitude for all that we are receiving. Oh, by the way, it is okay to ask for more so long as it is aligned to our divine purpose and path. Be mindful!

Enjoy yourself and your expanding family based on love and support.

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