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My Entrepreneurial Story - Jennifer Evans aka Zen Jen

A Journey to Success - It started in my guest bedroom in Toronto, back in 2003 offering Reflexology.

A Journey to Success

It started in my guest bedroom in Toronto, back in 2003 offering Reflexology. Fast Forward to 2022 I am flourishing, my life has evolved into living in Italy with my perfect partner, Dominic, and a business I absolutely love; offering magical Spiritual Retreats. Transformation Online Coaching and Group Programs. It’s been an adventure for sure with incredible experiences and challenges along the way Early Beginnings I was born and grew up in the UK, as a child I was always drawn to helping others, I use to ease my Mums migraines away.

As a young adult I was drawn to mind body and spirit festivals, especially crystals and energy healing. However, I wanted to fit in and not feel like a weirdo so I moved away from my spiritual path and into a conventional one, working in the Tech Industry. After living in Europe, with my 1st husband and working for Fortune 100 companies for 15 years including roles in Personal Development, Consultant and Coach it was time to move on and create something more fulfilling going back to my roots of healing. In 2003 I moved to Toronto with my 2nd husband to start a new life where I began my well being practice,Inner Harmony, offering Reflexology,Reiki and Aromatherapy Massage. I also focused on my own personal journey, looking for deeper meaning and happiness. Which naturally led me to coaching my clients. Starting Over…. Again!

With just 2 suitcases, $2,000 in my pocket, 2 divorces and my wonder dog Charlie, I moved back to the UK, after living in Canada for 10 years at the end of 2012. I slept on my brothers couch for six weeks, until I got myself organized with a decent job and apartment. Once I was settled it was time to focus on starting my business in the UK. I left my full-time job in 2014 and was offered a part-time job so I could focus on building ZenJen offering Massage, Reiki, Coaching, Workshops, and Meditation. My business evolved into online as well as face to face It’s amazing when you leave space for solutions instead of struggling to figure it out what can happen. While walking my dog I met a dog walker who ran a successful business, who just happened to be looking for dog walkers.

With zero effort on my part, I was offered the perfect and lucrative, part time job, which I loved. I also met my partner Dominic in the same way, following what was presenting with no effort involved, walking my dog and Boom! At times working for myself has been very overwhelming, especially in the very beginning back in 2003/2004 and when I took my business online, several years ago. I remember feeling like I’m not good enough, what if I’m making a mistake? What if I can’t find clients. What will my Dad say? What will others think? I remember waking up and feeling that bubbling of anxiety in my stomach, wanting to hide under the duvet.

Two things kept me overwhelmed and stuck in my business Self-doubt and thinking about how hard it is, all the effort, time and energy, the marketing, social media, technology, the systems and strategies would all impact my free time. With the help of my coach, I delved in to discover the old belief systems; success doesn’t come easy, running a business is hard work, you have to put the hours in and so on, which isn’t true in this day and age. It was my dads’ beliefs, not mine that were running the show. I realized this is my business my rules, I can create what-ever I like, the possibilities are unlimited. I have explored ways to create more fun and play in my business and by doing so I have found I’m inspired every morning to start my day, I feel energized, uplifted and focused and I’m more effective, productive and successful than I have ever been.

Ready and excited for the next level of my business. I didn’t need to be alone wolf and prove myself to anyone, I work with business coaches and personal mentors as well as communities which support me and my business. And over the last 15 years I have had the privilege to have been taught and mentored by leading experts, teachers and coaches in transformation, spirituality, coaching, marketing and business, and I continue to learn and evolve. I am truly passionate about helping other women reach their dreams and aspirations with more ease and flow than they thought possible. My expertise lies in freeing women from feeling anxious, frazzled and overwhelmed. Taking them from Stress and Struggle to Effortless Success, in their Business, Career and Relationships. You are Born To Flourish

Jennifer Evans - Jennifer’s a freedom-seeker, lover of life. Her genius is bringing people back home to the heart of who they really are, and activating play and possibility. Showing them how to achieve their aspirations and goals with flow, freedom and fun. Amazon Best Selling Author, Transformation Coach, Speaker, Podcast Host, Reiki Master, Retreat Leader ZenJen - Home ( / ZenJen | FacebookJennifer Evans aka ZenJen | LinkedInJennifer Evans aka ZenJen (@zenjen1111) • Instagram photos and videos


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